Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hollywood Covers

I remember being very excited and hopeful about the new Superman movie with Brandon Routh. Then ... I saw the movie.

Big Josie & The Pussycats fan.
The movie did what it needed for me.
Charmed fan, too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Celebrating Sexy!

Once again, not too long ago, I was avoiding doing "work." So, I came up with these "promotional ads" for Black Gay Boy Fantasy.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Calendar Boys

Here are some pictures from back in the day when I toyed with the idea of doing an all black gay male calendar. The idea pretty much started and stopped there.

First Date

The title says it all. This is issue #13 of Black Gay Boy Fantasy. See the nasty, queeny roommates? See the ghetto sister with her wild children? Sister is smoking and pregnant.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nancy Drew --- again!

Finally, the last three incarnations of Nancy Drew on the big screen. The most well know, I believe to be Pamela Sue Martin. When I finally saw these episodes again as an adult, I was floored. Pamela Sue Martin really pulled it off. Stylishly and beautifully. She gave Nancy warmth, strength, courage and personality. I don't remember seeing most of these episodes as a child because I was normally at my grandmother's on Sunday and my father always conveniently picked me up while it was on. I won't write about how I performed ... however, it took many, many years before I finally saw Pamela Sue Martin in action as Nancy Drew. Most of you probably remember her as Fallon from "Dynasty."

Pamela Sue and Jean Rasey as George. Honestly, I think Jean, in spite of her long dark hair, would have made a better Bess Marvin because of her personality and spunk. But, here she is with Nancy, looking surprised.
And what would Nancy Drew be without a profile shot heading into mystery?!?
The real Nancy Drew!!!
And, here's Janet Louise Johnson as Nancy Drew. She took Pamela Sue Martin's place. Admittedly, I didn't know much about her. She seemed to be the sweet version of her. Here she is with the Hardy Boys - Shawn Cassidy and Parker Stevenson.
And, finally, finally, finally --- Bonita Granville. I didn't find out until a few years ago that these movies even existed. Back in the 30s, four Nancy Drew movies were produced based upon the popularity of the books, which surfaced in 1930. "Nancy Drew - Detective," "Nancy Drew - Reporter," "Nancy Drew - Troubleshooter" and "Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase." Bonita Granville was a fun Nancy Drew. The stories contained action, suspense and comedy. She was a multi-layered character, based upon the books of that era - not the ones I grew up on where these took away all the personality and just gave you mystery and suspense. Bonita was a lot of fun!

She may look like she's on her way to Wonderland, but she's all Nancy!
Bonita Granville with"Ted" Nickerson, played by the very cute, Frankie Thomas.
"Here she is!" A deep voice shouted exultantly.
The Pass Word To Larkspur Lane - 1932

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nancy Drew!

I grew up on Nancy Drew. There have been a few new incarnations of my favorite heroine detective over the last few years. I LOVE Nancy Drew. The latest? The Nancy Drew doll from Tonner Doll Company. The Hardy Boys came earlier this year. But, I'm still waiting on Nancy.

Nancy Drew - Girl Detective.
Nancy Drew - Sleuth Savvy.
Nancy Drew - River Heights Stake Out.
Nancy Drew - Beauty and Brains.
Nancy Drew - Autumn Clue Discovery.
One minute before that: Emma Roberts! (Eric's daughter and Julia's niece.) I saw the movie and loved it. Possibly ... it was a "fan" movie. Initially, I heard that there was going to be a second movie. But, that was before it was released and before the first weekend's dismal returns. "So," he says solemnly, "I am waiting for the DVD. I'll take what I can get." Anything else they put out --- I'm there!

Emma, you rocked as Nancy. You were the prim, polite and proper Nancy that I remembered. The movie had ALL of the vintage Nancy Drew elements: a mystery, the roadster, mysterious noises in the night, lost wealth, hidden staircases, secret panels, missing wills, kidnappings, lost treasures, fake ghosts, fashionable frocks, clever escapes, a car chase, being knocked unconscious, waking up bound and gagged and most of all, PERIL! Speaking of ---

Nancy in peril!
Nancy in danger!
Nancy with her flip hair-do. Prim and perky.
Watch out, Bree VanDeKamp! She knows how to entertain!
The classic blue roadster with Ned, her forever beau and a comedic movie
extra!!! I smell a car chase and raised insurance rates!!!
Nancy hears a ghost while putting together the clues!!!
Now, there's a comic book series. It's not particularly my cup of tea, but I'll support it. (Honestly, I figure it's still trying to find its legs and I haven't read the latest books.) It's like somebody took the popularity of manga and the new series - "Nancy Drew - Girl Detective" book series. I will support it nonetheless.

Speaking of ... here's Nancy Drew - Girl Detective. It's the latest series, written in the first person. Nancy isn't as perfect as she should be. She's touted as being clever, but not necessarily remembering to put gas in her car or put on shoes is a an issue. I think she might even be a bit (cringe!) slovenly in appearance. Okay, I get it, but --- I need my Nancy cue, perfect and clever. However, I'm glad that she's still around putting out mysteries. Veronica Mars got it right. The Nancy logo image seen is from the yellow bound edition of "Secret of the Old Clock." That's a really cute touch.
Before that was Maggie Lawson in a Nancy Drew pilot disguised as a Disney movie. This Nancy was loving, but a little aggressive. She knew herself, claimed her space and took charge. Plus, she had drama. The beloved housekeeper, Hannah Gruen, Nancy's "adoptive" mother, had a sexual history. (We call it "scandal!") She was ultimately cool. Bess and George, not to mention, Carson Drew, turned on Nancy for wanting to be a detective. All she did was a little illegal breaking and entering with lock picks --- and got caught. Come on! She's Nancy Drew --- she's supposed to do these things!!! The commercial breaks ended on a cliff-hanger and an unnecessary drawing that didn't resemble anything from the series. Maggie was alright with me! Too bad it didn't become a series.

Here's Nancy with Bess (Jill Ritchie) and George (Lauren Birkell). Bess was a complete sorority girl and George was very serious, frowning upon anything that might spell expulsion. It would have been interesting to see it as a series. I was thoroughly entertained even though Nancy wasn't her strawberry blonde.
Next, there's Tracy Ryan as Nancy Drew. I call this the "Canadian version." At first, I was a little thrown by Nancy's appearance (dark haired and little plump) and Bess's quirkiness (almost goofy), but once I got a full look --- I LOVED it. Nancy was a law student. She would sherk her responsibilities at the drop of a hat to solve a mystery. With her short bob, she looked NOTHING like the "titian-haired" Nancy I grew up with. But, she was strikingly beautiful, reminiscent of Pamela Sue Martin (the 70s Nancy). Bess (Jhene Erwin) was a gossip columnist for an entertainment magazine. She was the reluctant sleuth who inadvertently ended up with clues and comedic relief. George (Joy Tanner) was a filmmaker and bike messenger. She was stunningly beautiful, excited and cool. The mysteries were simple and unfortunately too short. Thirty minutes. Ned ("Felicity's" Scott Speeman) couldn't stand Bess and George or Nancy's interests in mysteries. The inner dynamics were suble. I loved every minute of it. Plus, she teamed up with the Hardy Boys (Colin Gray as Frank and Paul Popowich as Joe) in France. I need more stills on them. I may very well feel that Tracy Ryan is my favorite Nancy Drew incarnation.

Tracy Ryan as Nancy Drew!
Tracy Ryan, Jhene Erwin as Bess and Joy Tanner as George.

More on Nancy Drew later, including Pamela Sue Martin, Janet Louise Johnson and Bonita Granville!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Juicy Mother 2 in Philadelphia!!!

The Juicy Mother 2 crew is back! Saturday, December 1st at 6pm, we'll be in Philadelphia at Robin's Bookstore - 108 S. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA (215-735-9600). Juicy Mother 2 - How They Met is described by its editor and contributor, Jennifer Camper as "Comix for gender pirates and sexual outlaws. The highly anticipated second volume of Juicy Mother examines queer life from new perspectives." There will be a comix slide show, cartoonist discussion and book signings.

Attending Cartoonists:
Jennifer Camper (Rude Girls & Dangerous Women, subGURLZ)
Diane DiMassa (Hothead Paisan, Jokes and the Unconscious)
Michael Fahy (Boy Trouble)
Joan Hilty (Bitter Girl)
Ivan Velez Jr (Tales of the Closet, Blood Syndicate, Dead High)
Victor Hodge (ME!!!!! - Black Gay Boy Fantasy)
David Hooper (What Choice Do I have?)
Fly (PEOPS, Dog Dayz)

Now, let's go into the past for a second. On October 13th, the official book release party for Juicy Mother 2 took place at Blue Stockings Women's Bookstore & Cafe in New York. The place was packed and we had ten artists show up! The place was packed and the book sold out. I won't lie. I was nervous. I was late. A glass of wine calmed my nerves. Plus, it helped that I wasn't the only nervous person there. But, it turned out to be a wonderful event. Everybody was great. It was incredible meeting all of those wonderful artists. Here are some of the moments from that night.

Me - nervous? Yeah.
Not anymore! Thanks, Jen!!! No wonder everybody loves you!
Okay. Maybe I'm still a little nervous. They made me talk! In front of people!!!
(Ivan Velez, David Hooper, me & Fly!)
David ("What Choice Do I Have?") Hooper & me!!!!
What choice do you have?!? None!!! Keep drawin'!!!!!
"Bitter Girl" - not hardly - Joan Hilty! Artist and
writer of "Zion." I want the rest of that story!
Michael Fahy. "Boy Trouble." "Unbalanced."
The completely fascinating Chitra Ganesh -
"How Amnesia Remembered Roxanne."
It was terrifying seeing my very own story - "Bad Day" flash up during the slide show. Those are my own unofficial heroes, Derrick & Rodney, being the gay power couple --- with regular couple's issues.
Victor & Carlo Quispe - artist of "Scenesters in Love!"
Ivan Velez - our cover artist (It's always good to see you!) & DC's very own: David.
And Fly - "The Girlfriend." She really is Fly!
Diane DiMassa (Hothead Paisan), the adorable Katie Fricas ("Bad Devin") and Carlo.
Diane DiMassa speaks! She fucking rocks!!! And check out that amazing Hothead t-shirt. On the other side is the utterly cool Joan Hilty, then Carlo and Ivan.
The evening wouldn't be complete without my own crew. It's me and Gary. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your constant support!!!
Then, there's John - my tireless photographer.
And Curtis says ... that's enough art for tonight. Take me home. Now.
Signed by the Juicy Mother 2 crew.