Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Paper Doll preview: Michael

It will make sense later. Really.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Collector's Market: DC Universe Classics

The collector's market is a B-I-T-C-H. Admission? I'm full on into nostalgia. Then ... I'm a DC Fan Boy. Combine the two and you have? DC Universe Classics. Mattel rocks. It just does. My hallway book cases are LITTERED with DC action figures. I'm a collector. And, being a collector means that you have to be on top of things and ahead of the game. You pay more than you should. You learn the word: "PRE-ORDER." You have a credit card. You do a lot of purchasing. DC Universe puts out "waves" of action figures. Each figure within a wave comes with a piece of a bigger figure. (Like, Chemo, Apache Chief, Parallax, Trigon, The Monitor, etc.) When I saw the Giganta figure, I knew --- I wanted her. Having her meant I'd have to collect ALL of them in order to have her. Commander Steel - Upper & middle torso; Dr. fate - right arm; Mr. Terrific - right leg; Parademon - left arm; Vigilante - left leg; and --- the all too important -- Gentleman Ghost - head & lower torso (coochie). So, I found everybody, but --- Gentleman Ghost. Sound simple? It ain't. The Collectors Market determines that you go insane. (Well, fucking nutso.) It will remove ONE key component to make sure that you go bonkers. Us collectors (i.e. completionists) must have it all. And, I wanted Giganta. Really and trooooly. But, I couldn't find Gentleman Ghost. I wanted him as well because he was just --- cool. He came with Giganta's head and ... cooch. (Yes, I was waiting around for a woman's head and cooch. Hardy-har-har to all of us hard core gays.) Somehow, others figured this out. I had everybody but ... Gentleman Ghost. So, Gentleman Ghost (Gianta's head and cooch ... and a very tinnnnny Atom) became rare. Ebay. We used to be good friends, until ... people started price gouging. Well, I just refused to pay it. Ransom. Blackmail. Just plain RUDE. Prices fell anywhere between $75 and $150 for a head and cooch. (I didn't pay that!!!!)

But, I wanted her. Really and trooly. I have lied long enough.

In the end? I got weak. I fell in. There may have even been a couple of cocktails involved. But ... I gave in. And, thus follows the accompanying photos. It's me at my weakest. My most vulnerable. I'm also .. revealing. Sigh. Here it is: Giganta.

Pieces of a whole - incomplete. Rude.
Ebay? Foul betraying mistress!!! I can't take it!!! No more!!!
And SCREEEEAAAMMMMMM!But then ... I found a Gentleman Ghost.
From Singapore!!! (Overpriced. Long period shipping.)
Hearts and kisses.
Head and cooch.
Complete!!! Huzzah!!!!
Kick her ass, Wonder Woman. (Yes. That's a Tardis in the background.)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Joe Kubert's Brenda Starr

Here's a Brenda Starr gem I happened across. This piece is from the incredible comic great, Joe Kubert. Though listed from 1980, I haven't seen Brenda look this good in years!!! And, this short piece captures all of the mystery, adventure, intrigue and glamor that was my Brenda Starr. Oh, how I miss you.
Check out the pirate outfit. It's from one of her very first adventures from back in the 40s. Too bad she didn't get a make over like Dick Tracy drawn by one of my personal favorites, Joe Staton.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Historic Black Moment

Something amazing and historic happened and I wonder if anybody even noticed it. Two of the major comic book companies, DC and Marvel released five books, each featuring BLACK PEOPLE. Five black men!!!! Well, four black men and one black boy. Yes, dammit. I still get excited when I see black people on tv, movie, books and especially comics. And, I'm even more excited to see Mr. Terrific, Static, Batwing, Firestorm and the Ultimate Spiderman prominently featuring African American, BLACK leads!!!! Totally unrelated, but all in the same month I got to see the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

Was Donald onto something?!?