Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rob Kirby's New Gig: "Three"

Rob Kirby's "Curbside" comic strip was one of those strips I loved instantly. (Along with David Kelly's "Steven.") I loved his style. I loved his stories. He's a helluva writer. I loved the fact he had black gay characters who actually wanted to be with one another. And, he has a smashing sense of humor. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Rob after loving his work for so many years, because of Juicy Mother and Boy Trouble 2: Born To Trouble. I had a story in Boy Trouble called "Click - Download." It was alllllll about my adventures in porn. (Collecting and stealing, not starring.) Plus, it was the first time I ever did a story in full color. Rob completed his run with Curbside, took a break and is now back at the drawing board, putting out an anthology of comics entitled "Three." It looks like three queer cartoonist get their turn, each issue, at telling different stories. First up is Eric Orner and Joey Alison Sayers. On top of "Three," Rob has even re-vamped and re-launched his website, re-titled: Rob Kirby Comics. "Three" is also available for pre-order. Support the queer comic arts!!!
"Rob Kirby's all-new, all-color, all-queer comics anthology promises to be at least as much fun as a barrel of monkeys, if not even more so! So join Rob, Eric "Ethan Green" Orner and Joey Alison "Thingpart" Sayers for issue #1, coming your way soon!"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Queer Cartoonist ATTACK!!! (Part 2)

Well, it's over. Sadly. It was an incredible weekend. It started out ... challenging. More than a few hours on the New Jersey Turn Pike. EZPass drama. (Not really.) Getting to the first panel late. Parking drama. (Manhattan is not tourist friendly.) A flop house!!!! Peeling paint, dank dwellings and bed bugs. Oh, my! (Hotel Pennsylvania = European hostel.) Saved by lesbians. Brooklyn is bigger than D.C. Hanging with a comix legend. Train rides. A mouse. Cocktails at 10am. Vietnamese and Lebanese food. Sigh. A great time was had by all. Members of the Juicy Mother crew were reunited for Attack of the Queer Cartoonist. Check out my previous blog entry. There were nice turn outs for each event. For more info about our weekend, check out Howard's blog. He's got some things to say, too. Jennifer Camper (Juicy Mother), Ivan Velez (Tales From The Closet), Joan Hilty (Bitter Girl), and Howard Cruse (Stuck Rubber Baby, Wendell) really turned out a great event, discussing gay comix and their role in it.

Ivan Velez, Howard Cruse, Jen Camper and Joan Hilty
Howard, Joan and Me.
Emmalee & Jen
Me and Ivan
Gay comix -- I missed SO much!!!
Me and Jen exploring Brooklyn Vietnamese food. Yum!!!
A pig is born.On the docks outside Ikea with Jen.
Jen Camper and Dave Hooper, Juicy Mother alum.
Me and Emmalee --- an absolute doll!!!
The godfather of Gay Comix: Howard Cruse!!!!!
Me, Howard and Dave
Howard approached by fans on the street of Brooklyn.
"OMG! OMG! OMG!" (Such modesty from Howard.)
Me and Emmalee again.
Ivan's presentation at Blue Stocking: "Tales From The Closet"
Jen Camper: "Juicy Mother"
Howard Cruse: "Wendell"
Bluestocking Q&A: Damn it's hot in here!!!
Ivan and Daniel
Me and Jen! That's right!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Queer Comix in New York June 16 - 18th!!!

Three nights of Queer Comix hit New York in June. Okay. This week. Well, starting tomorrow. But --- All events are FREE!!! Some of my friends (Jen, Joan, Ivan and Howard) from Juicy Mother will be headlining three incredible events. If you can make it to New York --- come!!! I'm trying to hit at least --- well, possibly --- some of these events. Come out and enjoy!

Howard Cruse, the Godfather of Gay Comix, is teaming up with cartoonists, Jennifer Camper and Ivan Velez, Jr. to celebrate the new 15th anniversary edition of Howard Cruse's graphic novel, "Stuck Rubber Baby," released this month, featuring a new introduction by Alison Bechdel.

Three cartoonists who mirror and critique queer culture and society discuss their work, how they came to it, their influences, styles and approaches. All this and sizzling, hot comix, too.
Howard Cruse - Stuck Rubber Baby, Gay Comix, Wendel, Barefootz, etc.
Jennifer Camper - Juicy Mother, subGURLZ, Rude Girls and Dangerous Women, et.
Ivan Velez, Jr. - Tales of the Closet, Blood Syndicate, Ghost Writer, Static, etc.

Wednesday, June 16th - 8pm
Serious Funnies
Howard Cruse, Jennifer Camper, Ivan Velez, Jr.
Slide show, spirited discussion and book signing:
BAAD! Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance
841 Barreto Street, 2nd Floor
Bronx, NY (718) 842-5223 for directions:

Thursday, June 17 - 6 - 8pm
Jim Hanley's Universe -
Howard Cruse, Jennifer Camper, Ivan Velez, Jr.
Panel moderated by Joan Hilty and book signing
Jim Hanley's Universe
4 West 33rd St. (opposite The Empire State Bldg.)
(212) 268-7088

Friday, June 18th - 7:30 - 9pm
Queer Comix
Howard Cruse, Jennifer Camper, Ivan Velez, Jr.
Slide show, spirited discussion and book signing
Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen St (between Stanton and Rivington)
(212) 777-6028

Sunday, June 13, 2010


This is what I call: "When Good Characters Go BLACK!!!" (Like Grover from the Percy Jackson books, Lafayette & Tara with "True Blood," John Stewart - Green Lantern headlining the Justice League cartoon.) DC Comics is about to introduce a new Aqualad to the world of comic books and television. (The original Aqualad, who used to hang with Aquaman, is now a character called Tempest.) A new animated series called "Young Justice" has been created, using the characters of Superboy, Speedy (really Arrowette), Ms. Martin (I love you!), Robin, Kid Flash (or is he Impulse?) and Aqualad!!!! (Where the hell is Wonder Girl?) If you don't know, all of the characters of Young Justice are really the sidekicks of the big, major heroes like Superman, Green Arrow, Martin Manhunter, Batman, Flash and Aquaman. What's most exciting is that Aqualad is black!!! Yea!!! It's about time. I think it's DC's responsibility to start consciously putting out some long lasting decent black characters. Their track record isn't too great with keeping characters alive. Especially, people of color. Apparently, the "new Atom," the microscopic superhero was reinvented as an Asian man. Sounds ground breaking, right? Well, apparently, he wasn't popular enough and --- now he's dead. Ray Palmer, the original has returned. (DC is really brutal in the Killing Heroes Department.) So, hopefully, this new Aqualad will stay around and make comic book history.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nancy Drew's sidekick - Jean Rasey!

Jean Rasey played "George Fayne," one of Nancy Drew's side kicks from the 70s show, "The Hardy Boys - Nancy Drew Mysteries." Even though she was more of a combo of Nancy's sidekicks, "Bess Marvins" and her cousin, "George Fayne," she added an incredibly new dimension to George. She was down town to earth. Pretty. Playful. Fun. Comic relief to Nancy's serious investigative side. Actually ... exciting. She even broke into song when "forced" into action and followed Nancy along on every adventure. Without saying, anyone who knew me back in the day, Nancy Drew was pivotal during my growth. Well, I was SO excited when I found out Jean Rasey was returning to acting. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with. And, not only that, she has her own BLOG!!!! So, when I need to see more George, now, I can.
Jean: today!
Jean with Pamela Sue Martin!!!