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DnA: The Hodge Boyz - Voting Begins!

Annnnnd .... the voting has begun. After one really weird false start and "Pacific time," the voting has begun on the Stan Lee Foundation and Todd McFarlane - "Create A Superhero!" It's really simple. You have seven days to do it!!! To vote for my brother's DnA: Hodge Boyz --- click here!

The Rogues Gallery!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vote for DnA: The Hodge Boyz

That's right, people! On February 8th, (NEXT TUESDAY) vote for DnA: The Hodge Boyz in the Mr. Marvel Comics himself, Stan Lee & Todd McFarlane (creator of Spawn and uber cool toys) - Create a Superhero Contest facilitated by Talenthouse. DnA was created by my very own big brother, William Hodge of DNA Graphics!!! These little cuties, obvious dead ringers for my nephews, are saving the world on a global level. Vote for them so that the world can meet them, too at San Diego's 2011 Comicon. Among other prizes and a day with Todd McFarlane, the rewards are pretty cool. Yes. This is a completely shameless promotion --- just not for me --- but, my brother. On February 8th, the voting will begin here!!! Join my brother's Facebook page (or "like" it) here!!!! View his portfolio --- you guessed it ---- here!!!

DnA: "The line between fiction and non-fiction has been worn thin. DnA are the only things standing between reality and unreality. As a young boy, Alexander had imaginary friends, some good and some bad. He found he had the ability to use any super power he could imagine - once. With this, he kept his imaginary friends in line. Now, he trains his younger brother, David to help him keep the boundaries of the imagination intact."

DnA: Unstoppable!!!
DnA: The Hodge Boyz
Shhhh ... secret identities: Alexander and David!
Originally, the Preemie Wonder & Superkid!

Friday, February 4, 2011

No Little Boys

This is just a small preview of the upcoming issue of Black Gay Boy Fantasy, which seems to be getting longer and longer. It's almost 50 pages!!! It's becoming an extravaganza!!!! Sorry, folks. It's not in color (and sorry it's taking so long). I just did this to distract myself.