Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

David Marlin Crawford

Okay, people. This is probably about as personal as I'm going to get here because it's difficult. David Crawford was my first love. And for some reason, he'd been on my mind lately. I didn't try to figure it out because it wasn't unusual that I thought about him. Periodically, I would. He died a long time ago. His death hurt me so much that I couldn't even go to the funeral or even acknowledge that it happened. I feel really bad that I wasn't there to support his family. Selfish as it was, I just couldn't handle it. Anyway, I was cruising through Facebook (which is a horrible, horrible addiction --- and, people, don't get started if you don't have to) and I came across his sister, who is an incredible woman. Both of his sisters were incredible. David's family and extended family, as a whole, helped transform me as a black gay man. It's just such a shock, when I allow myself to think about it, that someone as wonderful as David is no longer a part of this world. But, he's been dead for 11 years now. What his sister wrote on Facebook, I just had to repeat here because she completely summed him up.

David Marlin Crawford (b. March 19, 1965 - d. June 16, 1998) my beloved brother, a committed, compassionate soul; a proud Black gay man, creator of music for a transformed world, devoted to family and friends and the Spirit. Remembering him with gratitude for his life and burning rage at the continuing AIDS epidemic, and determination that lives threatened and lost will never be forgotten.

This picture is of us at DC's 2nd Black Gay and Lesbian Pride. Can you believe it?!? The 2nd!!! We were soooooo young. I think that was over 20 years ago. We were young and optimistic. My hair was still black. I was afraid to wear shorts, but I did. I had a lot of body issues then. (The new ones are associated with age and laziness.) It rained, as it always does during Black Pride (as it's called now). It was a big deal just being there. Because of David, I became aware of the world. I grew up in a good time of self awareness and he taught everything I know. He was a brilliant, wonderful and beautiful (and hot) man. I will forever love him. I will forever miss him. And, he will never be forgotten.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

They Still Ain't Stupid

I finally stopped procrastinating and posted issue #24 - "Nobody's Stupid." Neil is flirting with an unknown at a brunch. If only he knew. Anyway, everybody always seems to know everybody's business and they're talking about it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jonathan Adler Barbie Dream House

Designer Jonathan Adler has created a real life Barbie house for her 50th anniversary in Malibu, California. We knew she had it like that. Now, we finally get a peek inside.
Here's a close up of the hanging wall art for the diva herself. Well, it is her house.
Now, just in case you forget whose house it is, just look around. There are clues.
The chandelier of Barbie hair is actually ... pretty creepy. Okay, yucky.
And, the beautiful, fashionable Jonathan Adler Barbie ....

... and Jonathan Adler sofa --- for Barbie.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Torchwood: Children of Earth

The promos have finally begun on BBC for Torchwood season 3 - Children of Earth. Captain Jack, Gwen and Ianto are back. The stakes look higher, the world is in danger and someone has targeted the Torchwood crew. Gwen looks great, running around with two guns. Jack still looks in control. And, I'm certain I saw Martha Jones. There are explosions, a world wide threat and children possessed, most likely by aliens, stopping dead in their tracks all over Earth, proclaiming, "We are coming." Yes. They're coming. In July. To the BBC. Torchwood, the Doctor Who spin off (just in case you didn't know) is finally back. The only downside to their return is that season three only consists of five episode. Five!!!! It's one long story arc, that I remember hearing, are slightly longer episodes. The GREAT thing is that they will probably be done exceedingly well. I'll be there. So, don't call my house on the night of the premiere. This is one series I'll be watching as it airs. Okay. You can call. I'll try not to be shady.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

BGBF #24 - "Nobody's Stupid"

I finally pulled together Issue #24 of Black Gay Boy Fantasy - "Nobody's Stupid." It's aptly titled on a number of levels, because --- nobody isn't stupid. (It will be posted soon to the official site.) Just when Neil thinks that his business is his own, everybody seems to already know it or have suspicions of it. Rayshaun isn't stupid. Zelda and the girls aren't stupid. Most of all ---- Jesus, Neil's new beau, isn't stupid. Plus, a few more worlds collide and our resident long term couple, Derrick and Rodney, find some unexpected trouble.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Groundskeeper Willie

This was one of my absolute favorite moments from The Simpsons. Bart brought Santa's Little Helper (his dog) to school for show-n-tell. Somehow or another, he ended up in the ventilation shaft. Groundskeeper Willie was tasked with retrieving him. He entered the cafeteria's kitchen, ripped off his clothes and revealed a very muscled, chiseled body beneath those very shapeless, unflattering overalls. Then, he commanded to Lunch Lady Doris, "Grease me up, Woman!" All she could say, with very wide, calm, yet still, unflinching eyes, was, "Okey-dokey." Who wouldn't?