Thursday, February 28, 2008

Untitled Issue #23

Here's a potential cove to the untitled issue #23 of BGBF. It's strange seeing my books in color since they're normally in black and white. The interiors are being inked and will be posted on my official site in the future.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Gang's All Here!

In 2005, I did an illustration of all of my current characters together. (It didn't seem that long ago!) I didn't realize I had so many characters. It made me feel good. It was progress. It reminded me of the community of Springfield. Yesterday, I did another one with some of my newest characters. I realize that Dustin's sister and his nephews never made it into it. Plus, she has a new baby who makes her debut in issue #22. Jesus, who I've completely fallen in love with wasn't in it. Then, he has his three best friends. Then, there's another new character I created for Derrick and Rodney. Then finally, there were some background activist characters who only appeared in an as yet unpublished story about how Neil and Dustin really met. That story will make its debut in my first compilation. Below are some snippets of the thumbnails of two separate pictures.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dustin - Doll

Back in issue #13 of Black Gay Boy Fantasy - "First Date," Dustin went on a date with Neil. Even though he was cool on the actual date, beforehand, he was a mess. It didn't help that he had shady roommates, a ghetto sister and two bratty, snotty-nosed nephews. Help him get sorted with some proper wardrobe choices.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Patrick J. Dancy

In 1990, The Guys Next Door were created to rival the New Kids on the Block. It began as a half hour sitcom/variety show on NBC Saturday mornings. I was glued to the tv to see one person --- New York native, Patrick J. Dancy! He was my teen heart throb. (Actually, I think he was 20. I must have been 22.) Patrick was joined by Bobby Leslie, Eddie Garcia, Damon Sharpe and Chris Wolf for silly, but fun skits, songs and dance. I'm making my crush official.
The boys sang and danced. They premiered videos. Their skits involved Boogie the Dancing Pig, the Fashion Police (wretched 90s fashions), the Pizza Guy, RoboPop and many others. They had a good time. They released an album. Which I got and loved. Then, sadly, it ended. I think the show only lasted a year. One night, I stumbled upon a Guys Next Door site where most of these images have come from. I re-lived my Patrick J. Dancy moments all over again. Plus, there's some stuff on YouTube.
Patrick and Bobby Leslie.
Patrick and Damon Sharpe.
Behind The Scenes:
The boy has a FACE on him!!!!
I saw Patrick on an episode of "Married With Children," playing a nerdy gay character in Kelly Bundy's class named Rueben. Then, I think I stumbled across him very briefly on an episode of "Family Matters" playing Laura Winslow's boyfriend. Then, sadly, I never really saw him again. He's apparently popped up in a couple of bit roles elsewhere. I found what looks like head shots of him. He's aging verrrrrrry well. I caught a trailer for a show called "She Spies" in which he starred. I got to see him chasing after a perp. Then, he was in an episode of a show I've never seen called "The Pretender."
Reunion with Damon Sharpe. This seemed to have happened in 1999, ten years after The Guys. The third person featured is Patrick's brother. Patrick looks GREAT!!! He is CUT UP!!!!
Okay. Now that I've mooned over Patrick enough, I'm going to end on these final Patrick J. Dancy pictures. Wherever you are, Patrick ... I hope you're living a good life!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Juicy Mother 2 Reading & Mementos

Juicy Mother 2 - Hot They Met is BACK!!! Tuesday, February 19, 2008, our very own Robert Triptow (Food Klown) will host a reading and slide show presentation in San Francisco at A Different Light Books. This is the weekend of Wonder-Con, so there will probably be a lot of cartooning greats around. As the presenter, Robert says it's an opportunity "to butt in, heckle him, and make some comments on your own!" (Wish I could be there just for that!) The reading will be at:

A Different Light Books
489 Castro Street (near 18th Street)
San Francisco, California

Juicy Mother 2 Mementos
These are some things my new comic pals handed out at the readings. First is the write up from the Philadelphia Weekly. The drawing belongs to our beloved editor and contributer, Jen Camper (Night Shift).
This is a flyer done by Michael Fahy (Unbalanced) for the reading in Philadelphia back in early December. He put the flyer together himself --- without being forced and posted them ALL around town for the event!
This is my nifty little postcard that I handed out for Black Gay Boy Fantasy. My bestfriends John and Curtis were clever enough to come up with such a simple promotion gimmick for me. Thanks!!! If you don't know it, I did the story "Bad Day." As always, this is yet another opportunity to plug my official website. Check it out!!!
This is a postcard ad from the totally and awesomely cool Dianne DiMassa (Meet Chicken). Her calendar is going to get me through the year! Buy it from her! It's worth it!
Ivan Velez, our cover artist and awesome writer and artist of the unforgettable "Tales of the Closet."
Then, there's Fly (The Girlfriend). This is a mini comic she handed out that she'd drawn for an environmental activist organization called Times Up!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Actually Working

This is me finally getting some work done over the weekend. (I took a moment for a photo op.) Making sure that I get things done are the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew (from Tonner Dolls), 13" DC Direct Superman (interchangeable with a Clark Kent outfit and admittedly --- my favorite toy right now!), little DC Direct Mary Marvel, a cut out figure of Neil in his underwear, my pencil cup (which I finally realized I needed instead of having them strewn across the drawing table and a Batgirl doll I got from the WB Store years ago. Yes, the table is crowded, but I always have to have toys around me for inspiration.
I'm not working on these character sketches at my drawing table, but actually putting the finishing pencils on issue #23! I'll post some of that soon. But, I came across these "bible" sketches of some of my newer characters. Greg was created as Dustin's ex-boyfriend. When I had him in issue #18, his face was never seen because he never had one. Notations along this sketch dictate that he's pretty much a globe-trotting do-gooder who will focus more on a cause than his relationship. Once back, he becomes very smothering in order to compensate.
These are Jesus's friends. Jesus, Neil's potential new beau and his friends actually made appearances in the background of different panels of different issues. Jesus kept popping up, so I decided to make him a regular character. Afterwards, I realized that he needed friends. I started seeing who popped up most in a group. These three were the winners, Reynard, Jesse and Taylor. They're the "non-drama" friends that you end up liking more than your own friends. Maybe even more than your own boyfriend!
Then there's this thin, flirtatious mess. Raymond. He's a local gay youth who comes with a ton of trouble. He's not all bad I suppose. But then, I have just met him and he tends to make a bad first impression. On purpose.