Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Juicy Mother 2 Reading & Mementos

Juicy Mother 2 - Hot They Met is BACK!!! Tuesday, February 19, 2008, our very own Robert Triptow (Food Klown) will host a reading and slide show presentation in San Francisco at A Different Light Books. This is the weekend of Wonder-Con, so there will probably be a lot of cartooning greats around. As the presenter, Robert says it's an opportunity "to butt in, heckle him, and make some comments on your own!" (Wish I could be there just for that!) The reading will be at:

A Different Light Books
489 Castro Street (near 18th Street)
San Francisco, California

Juicy Mother 2 Mementos
These are some things my new comic pals handed out at the readings. First is the write up from the Philadelphia Weekly. The drawing belongs to our beloved editor and contributer, Jen Camper (Night Shift).
This is a flyer done by Michael Fahy (Unbalanced) for the reading in Philadelphia back in early December. He put the flyer together himself --- without being forced and posted them ALL around town for the event!
This is my nifty little postcard that I handed out for Black Gay Boy Fantasy. My bestfriends John and Curtis were clever enough to come up with such a simple promotion gimmick for me. Thanks!!! If you don't know it, I did the story "Bad Day." As always, this is yet another opportunity to plug my official website. Check it out!!!
This is a postcard ad from the totally and awesomely cool Dianne DiMassa (Meet Chicken). Her calendar is going to get me through the year! Buy it from her! It's worth it!
Ivan Velez, our cover artist and awesome writer and artist of the unforgettable "Tales of the Closet."
Then, there's Fly (The Girlfriend). This is a mini comic she handed out that she'd drawn for an environmental activist organization called Times Up!

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