Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wednesday Comics

Wednesday Comics was a newspaper that came out (go figure) every Wednesday for 12 weeks by DC Comics. I picked up the final issue today and I can say that I'm quite pleased. I'm a DC fanboy. I have always been one and will always be one. I've been reading DC Comics ever since I could read comics. I LOVE DC Comics!!! (I can't say I'm particularly a fan right now. Too many deaths. Too much blood. Too many titties. Especially Powergirl's. Who I love. Especially by Amanda Conner, who did the beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL Supergirl strip.) If we get to see that much titty going on, then I need to see more male package and/or superhero ass. When I heard that DC was going to put out a Sunday comics format for twelve weeks of comics (on Wednesday) just like the Sunday comics from back in the day --- I got excited. I was sooooo ready for this. Incredible characters. Incredible stories. Incredible artists and writers, etc. Wednesday Comics delivered what it promised. OMG. I am so happy with the final product now that the twelve weeks are over. I can honestly say that I probably couldn't handle this forever on Wednesday, but it was a really nice twelve week run.

Wednesday Comics had Batman, Kamandi: the Last Boy on Earth (work too beautiful for words), Superman (be still my beating heart -- art work: breathtaking), Deadman, Green Lantern (stunning art work), Metamorpho, Teen Titans, Adam Strange, Supergirl (Amanda Connor --- you rock!!!! Love your work on Powergirl), Metal Men (OMG --- Jose Luis Garcia Lopez is STILL the greatest EVER!!!!!), Wonder Woman, Sgt. Rock, Flash (the best feature --- spellbinding!!!), Demon and the Catwoman, and finally, Hawkman. Grabbing this every week took me back to a time when comics were fun. It reminded me of the days that I would eagerly await for the Sunday newspaper and I would grab the "funnies" after my father read them. I would go straight to Brenda Starr, Reporter. No joke. Brenda is the greatest. Good job, DC. For twelve weeks, I enjoyed comics again.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Local Man, Kevin Britt is Missing

I took this article directly from MW Magazine, but discovered it on Rod 2.0:Beta. This local Maryland man is missing. These type of stories, happening to my black gay, lesbian, transgender people --- anybody, really --- just breaks my heart. I'm sure the police and his partner would appreciate any help in finding him. It always amazes me that these type of stories aren't publicized enough on the news, if at all.
Search on for Kevin Britt, Jr, of Hyattsville

The Prince George's County Police Department is looking for Kevin Britt, Jr., a 23-year-old resident of Hyattsville, Md., reported missing by his partner, Elias Fishburne. Fishburne says he last saw Britt Sunday morning at approximately 11 a.m., as Britt left their home to attend to some paperwork at his place of work. Britt, originally from Talbot County, Md., on the Eastern Shore, works as a coordinating supervisor at Psychotherapeutic Services Inc. in Landover, Md., a provider of mental-health services for Prince George's County residents.

Anyone with any information about Britt's whereabouts is asked to call Officer E. Lindeman of the P.G. County Police at 301-772-4900.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

BGBF #25 - Odd Couples

Computer viruses suck! Whoever creates them must have absolutely nothing to do --- and they suck, too!!! (And, not in a good way!) With that said --- my computer is virus free and I can finally get back to work on BGBF and my blogs. Yippeee! I completely surprised myself by cranking out pages of the newest issue of BGBF #25 - "Odd Couples." Not too long ago (and I go through this periodically), I got tired of doing this book. I got tired of drawing Neil's big, round head. I got tired of the panels. I just --- got tired of it. But, it was for all of the usual reasons: 1) it was a lot of work, 2) I didn't know if I was making a difference, 3) I didn't know if people were reading my FREE online stories, 4) or if they even cared and 5) because it was just SO SO SO SO much work. I wanted to do something new --- which is why I created "The Watchers." But, another story came along with other ideas and I realized again: it really is worth it. Especially, once I completed an issue. Now, if I could just work CONSISTENTLY.

I honestly thought I could eliminate one tedious step of my drawing process --- (WARNING: boring artist details to follow) --- by going from thumb nails and directly to inks. I normally sketch out a story in pencil, then line it in ink, then trace the pencils and then ink the pencils. (AND --- erase the pencils, scan it in, stack them, line them up, clean them up, add the grays and page numbers and --- that's it.) I didn't want to do the pencils anymore. But then, I sat down and patiently (for once, understanding that it would take awhile) started doing the pencils. I LOVED the way the pencil (4H or 5H for best results, a harder lead) just SLID across the paper. It was like a writer sitting down to type. I was back in love with my pencils and I was back in love with drawing. Here are a couple of thumbnails (mine are full sized, sketched quickly with a ballpoint pen. Yes, folks ---- a simple ball point pen!) from issue #25.

SYNOPSIS: Neil ends up with some unexpected and unannounced house guests during a time when he doesn't realize that his promising relationship with Jesus is in jeopardy because of his third party fling with Imu.