Sunday, October 12, 2008

Glory of the 80s

It was a Tori Amos song on "To Venus and Back." It was a wretched, wretched period in the world of fashion. It spawned a number of endless series for VH1 top 100 this or top 100 that. Big Prince hair. Hoop earrings. Ruffled, billowy shirts. Leather pants. High top fades. Sometimes permed. (Guilty!!!) Paisley shirts. Jeweled broaches. Khaki, pleated, and sometimes oddly colored pants. Burgundy or army green. (Sigh. Guilty again.) Burgundy hair. "A-symetric" hair styles covering one eye. Big, fat "Dookie Gold" earrings. Remember the Black Mickey Mouse in the ghetto wear? (Maybe it was just a D.C. thing.) Ripped sweat shirts and leather skirts. Big pumps. Michael Jackson leather jackets with tons of zippers. Parachute pants and wet, wet, dripping wet jheri curls. The 80s? Not fashions greatest in history.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brunching with evil

Patrick and Hollis, characters from my newest project, The Watchers, happen to show up in an issue of BGBF. Issue #24 - "Word Association" (tentatively titled). Neil and Rayshaun go out for brunch. I didn't know Patrick and Hollis would show up. But, they did. A comment is made. A dagger is pulled ... Rayshaun is mistaken for evil. You be the judge.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Small Press Expo

The SPX (Small Press Expo) hit Bethesda, Maryland this weekend. (Recognizable point? Washington, DC.) It was also the debut of Rob Kirby and David Kelly's "Book of Boy Trouble - Volume 2." There was so much talent out there I couldn't even focus.
The unofficial gathering of the Juicy Mother crew!!! Rob Kirby, Jennifer Camper, Victor Hodge, Justin Hall, and Dave Hooper.Rob and Jen.
Jen coloring her popular robot and mermaid stickers.
Justin Hall selling Glamazonia, True Travel Tales and Hard To Swallow. Justin!!! I haven't seen anybody work so hard. He's really been pulling the circuit. You have to see what pirates and werewolves have going on in a book that's hard to swallow.
My hanging crew for the entire weekend.Rob, Bill Roundy (another Boy Trouble contributor), Jen and me hanging out in Rockville. Bertucci's. The mall was off the chain!!! What the f---?!? Who knew the suburbs had a night life and a crowded parking lot?!?
This little cutie pie, Hozay (Jose Luis Olivares) was showing off a verrrrry revealing story called "Pup Love."
Liz Baillie, an incredible talent, selling "My Brain Hurts." I got every issue and if you can get your hands on them, they're a must read.
Brett Hopkins, Rob and Jen. Brett is another Boy Trouble alum, featured in both volumes.Jen and Victor!!! Smooches and hugs!!!
Rob and Victor!!! Beers and Apple Martinis!!!
Justin and Victor!!! Wonder Woman and perverts!!!
Victor and Brett!!! So, so glad I got to meet you.