Sunday, October 12, 2008

Glory of the 80s

It was a Tori Amos song on "To Venus and Back." It was a wretched, wretched period in the world of fashion. It spawned a number of endless series for VH1 top 100 this or top 100 that. Big Prince hair. Hoop earrings. Ruffled, billowy shirts. Leather pants. High top fades. Sometimes permed. (Guilty!!!) Paisley shirts. Jeweled broaches. Khaki, pleated, and sometimes oddly colored pants. Burgundy or army green. (Sigh. Guilty again.) Burgundy hair. "A-symetric" hair styles covering one eye. Big, fat "Dookie Gold" earrings. Remember the Black Mickey Mouse in the ghetto wear? (Maybe it was just a D.C. thing.) Ripped sweat shirts and leather skirts. Big pumps. Michael Jackson leather jackets with tons of zippers. Parachute pants and wet, wet, dripping wet jheri curls. The 80s? Not fashions greatest in history.

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