Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jesus Nolasco

SPOILER ALERT!!!! I have to admit that I love the character of Jesus Brazoban Nolasco. (Dominicano, baby!!!) I keep drawing pictures of him. Especially, of him and Neil together. Even though I already know what was/is/might (even ... maybe?!?) supposed to/will happen --- but, with most of the characters that show up in BGBF --- they tell me what's going to happen. Eventually. (Sometimes they just don't! Zelda!!!!) And, the truth normally comes out over cocktails. (Rayshawn is one of the main ones. When he showed up in Issue Issue #19 - "Audition," I didn't know he was going to stay around.) Well, Jesus is "around." He and Neil work together well. After Neil and Dustin broke up or went through whatever it is that they do, Jesus was a welcome addition. He's too hot and relevant to ignore.
I try to revive people in the background because most of the time, we run into the same people (in our daily lives.) I think that this might be Jesus. I'm not sure. They look similar.
This is definitely him.
You might remember this.
This is what I believe to be the "first appearance" of Jesus and his friends in issue #19.
Unpublished work: Flying Solo.
When I "met" Jesus, I knew he was major. I actually put him on the official site. I honestly think he's going to uphold his end of the bargain. He's alright.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wyldcard Studios & Boy Trouble

Okay, I warned my brother, who's an incredible artist, that this was coming. He didn't heed my warning and update his blog. (Yes, he's that "William Hodge - Wyldcard Studio" off to the right.) So, I'm posting anyway. I did a story for one of my favorite artist and storytellers, Robert Kirby who does the Boy Trouble anthology series and Curbside comic strip. The story had to be about me --- which was a little difficult seeing that I'd rather make shit up, stretch the truth and make it downright prettier. Or, at least more interesting than what really happens. But, here is a one-panel preview of my short story, "Click-Download." It's about my adventures in porn. No, not in it. Looking at it, buying it and obviously as a child --- STEALING it. That's my brother and mother making their unknown comic debut. Read what Rob had to say about his experiences in getting the Book of Boy Trouble - Volume 2 together. Some of the problems? Uh, at one point, I think I was one of them, wearing my gold tiara that's labeled "technologically lazy." I hope this link works, but this is probably where you'll be able to buy it when it's published. When is that? I'll have to check.

Monday, June 23, 2008

World of BGBF

It wasn't until I started drawing this first picture that I realized that the world of Black Gay Boy Fantasy keeps on growing. So many characters keep jumping onto the page, demanding some air time.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Season 8

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is back --- in comic book form, written by Joss Whedon and drawn by Georges Jeanty!!! When I first heard about the movie with Kristi Swanson, I thought it was a joke. When it became a TV show with Sarah Michelle Gellar, I politely declined. Then, a co-worker lent me the first three seasons and I was hooked. I followed Buffy Summers and the rest of the Scooby Gang to the very end. I didn't know who or what could fill that void when the show ended.
But, the comic book definitely delivers. I read each issue as if I'm watching the show -- beginning to end. No peeking. All of the beats are still there. You know the cliffhangers, the Buffy lingo and the commercial breaks. Season 8 picks up realistically where it left off. Buffy has moved to Europe. There's three of her. First, there's Buffy Summers - the Chosen One. Second, there's the one that has literally gone underground and is fighting her own battle. And, the third is in Rome very publicly partying with The Immortal (which was witnessed in an episode of Angel, Buffy's ex's show, a vampire with a soul, and Spike [a vampire - without a soul - whom Buffy also dated.) I'm so glad Joss cleared up that Immortal/Party-Buffy deal. Willow is still doing magic. Xander has gone all Nick Fury with one eye. And, Buffy is still saving the world. A lot.
Sunnydale is still a hole in the ground.
Cleveland has its own Hellmouth which is being patrolled by Faith and Robin Wood (who was played by the extremely hot and sexy D.B. Woodside). Faith is running "dirty" missions for Giles. And, she still has a slight hate-on for Buffy. Hate may be too strong of a word because their relationship --- let's just face it: it's just very complicated.
What used to be "from every generation, a chosen one is born" ... is now eighteen hundred slayers. Five hundred are working in ten separate squads for Buffy. The military claims, making them a threat to the world, "Terrorists call them cells."
Dawn (who used to be a mystical key hunted by a Goddess named Glory because it unlocked a doorway to her world where she ruled, but was stolen by a group of monks, given human form and disguised as the Slayer's sister --- with memories and all --- because they knew she would be protected) is 50 feet tall from having slept with a Thricewise.
Dawn is really 50 feet tall.
Willow is doing magic like it's nobody's business. It's a confidence she lost in the series after going all evil and trying to destroy the world when her lover, Tara was murdered by the very human, Warren (who does make an appearance --- still skinless --- along with Amy the Rat.) Willow is very much in control of herself, her spells and has obviously done some things that will develop in future story lines. She's still lesbo, but can also fly.
Andrew, formerly of The Trio (Boy, Joss can really write some redeemable characters!) has his own team which has to listen to his nerderific stories like Billy Dee Wiliams' outfit as Lando Calrissian and how it -not the Ewoks - triggered the downfall of the Star Wars movies. (I guess he's still gay.) Xander tells him at one point to gather together his "ten best," and "not ten best dressed."
Dracula is even back with Xander as his "man servant." But, there's a new twist to their relationship.
It's really nice to see Joss Whedon writing Buffy again. He's got it down. Buffy's still a little sad (which she has been after dying and being ripped out of Heaven by Willow), but it's so good to see her at the top of her game even though everybody keeps calling her "Ma'am." She's the Slayer for a reason.
And, coming up soon --- SPOILER ALERT!!! Fray!!! She's the futuristic Buffy in a future where vampires aren't known as vampires.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Left to Right

Nitta, Angie, Zelda, Wanda and Sharri. (My left to right.)

Sunday, June 1, 2008