Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wyldcard Studios & Boy Trouble

Okay, I warned my brother, who's an incredible artist, that this was coming. He didn't heed my warning and update his blog. (Yes, he's that "William Hodge - Wyldcard Studio" off to the right.) So, I'm posting anyway. I did a story for one of my favorite artist and storytellers, Robert Kirby who does the Boy Trouble anthology series and Curbside comic strip. The story had to be about me --- which was a little difficult seeing that I'd rather make shit up, stretch the truth and make it downright prettier. Or, at least more interesting than what really happens. But, here is a one-panel preview of my short story, "Click-Download." It's about my adventures in porn. No, not in it. Looking at it, buying it and obviously as a child --- STEALING it. That's my brother and mother making their unknown comic debut. Read what Rob had to say about his experiences in getting the Book of Boy Trouble - Volume 2 together. Some of the problems? Uh, at one point, I think I was one of them, wearing my gold tiara that's labeled "technologically lazy." I hope this link works, but this is probably where you'll be able to buy it when it's published. When is that? I'll have to check.

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