Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jesus Nolasco

SPOILER ALERT!!!! I have to admit that I love the character of Jesus Brazoban Nolasco. (Dominicano, baby!!!) I keep drawing pictures of him. Especially, of him and Neil together. Even though I already know what was/is/might (even ... maybe?!?) supposed to/will happen --- but, with most of the characters that show up in BGBF --- they tell me what's going to happen. Eventually. (Sometimes they just don't! Zelda!!!!) And, the truth normally comes out over cocktails. (Rayshawn is one of the main ones. When he showed up in Issue Issue #19 - "Audition," I didn't know he was going to stay around.) Well, Jesus is "around." He and Neil work together well. After Neil and Dustin broke up or went through whatever it is that they do, Jesus was a welcome addition. He's too hot and relevant to ignore.
I try to revive people in the background because most of the time, we run into the same people (in our daily lives.) I think that this might be Jesus. I'm not sure. They look similar.
This is definitely him.
You might remember this.
This is what I believe to be the "first appearance" of Jesus and his friends in issue #19.
Unpublished work: Flying Solo.
When I "met" Jesus, I knew he was major. I actually put him on the official site. I honestly think he's going to uphold his end of the bargain. He's alright.

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