Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Phil LaMarr (and the Baltimore Comicon!!!)

OMG!!!  I met Phil LaMarr today.  You all know PHIL LAMARR from Mad TV.  And, the voice of Green Lantern from the Animated Justice League.  (Some people I know were first introduced to the John Stewart/Justice League Green Lantern --- before even knowing the Hal Jordan - Green Lantern!)  All I can say is ... it really made my day. 

 I love you, Phil LaMarr!!!!!

How did I meet Phil Lamarr?  All because a little boy -- we'll just call him "My Nephew"  (-- he is --) claimed he'd never been to a comic book convention.  Liar.  He has.  He was just too young to remember.  And, if I remember correctly, it was the very first Baltimore Comicon.  So granted, he may have been a tad young at the time.  Maybe a year old.  Okay, fine.  Too young to remember.  The headliner, Stan Lee (Mr. Marvel Comics himself) may have milked it, but for me ... it was Phil LaMarr.  So, this little boy who --- "never went to a comic book convention" got to meet --
   Two HUNKY Blades!!!
 Harley, Dead Pool and ... Spiderman?
 Brian Bolland!!!
 One of my all time FAVORITES --- Jose Luis Garcia Lopez!!!!  YOU ROCK!!!
 Captain America!!!
 Neal Adams!!!
 Watchmen -- Rorschach
 Bob McLeod (I grew up on the New Mutants!!!)

 Ramona & Gideon (Scott Pilgrim!!!)
 My personal fav --- Supergirl!!!!  (Thanks, Jamal Igle for making her respectable.  Sorry I missed you, but I got the latest compilation which I didn't know existed!!!)
 The Baroness and Cobra!!!
 Nightwing!!! (The best thing Batman ever created.)
(P.S.  Uncle Victor thinks that Nightwing WORKED IT!!!)
 A surprisingly sexy Joker & Harley
And, his Daddy --- also, a PERSONAL FAV -- William Hodge, artist, writer and creator of --- The Uncanny!!!  Buy his books!!!  On the Kindle!!!  Buy the comics!!!  Buy the compilation!!!  (Yes ... another shameless plug!)
A happy little boy?  Uncle Victor thinks so!!!