Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Detective Work

It's hard to believe that I created my amateur detective, Rene C. Clayton during my senior year in high school. He didn't get very far, but he's still in my head. My badly written, not to mention hand-written novel, was inspired by a Margot Kidder (Superman: The Movie) & Robert Hayes (Airplane!) Disney movie called "Trenchcoat." It also included elements of "Cloak and Dagger," a movie with Henry Thomas (E.T.) and Dabney Coleman (9 to 5). One of my classmates loved it, so I just kept feeding him chapters. (Thanks, Mike Morsy, wherever you are!) It was SO badly written. But, the character eventually evolved. I subscribed to the Sue Grafton school of writing just like a lot of people back in the day. He got a personality. He got gay. The stories became first person novels, more character driven than anything. Harrison Caldwell, Rene's ex and mostly useless, not to mention goofy, side kick added the necessary sexual tension. Rene became nosy. He learned how to pick locks. And, swim. Plus, he knew how to find trouble for a quick buck. This is the picture that depicts Rene the best.
When I stopped completing stories, I just started doing drawings for story inspiration. Here Rene and Harrison are at a party. A suspect is gliding away noticeably.
And, now they're in somebody's cellar searching for clues. Above, they haven't even noticed the approaching footsteps. I was "experimenting" with a new drawing style. The early 90s were wretched. Look at those boxy shirts and huge shoulders.
Couldn't have a mysterious drawing without a secret panel. I just couldn't get away from the Nancy Drew-esque cliches. This drawing was actually sketched with a green pen. I was "experimenting" again. Plus, more early 90s fashions. Rene's pants were probably green or burgundy. And, he has a tail! Remember those!?!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Rene C. Clayton - Private Eye

Back in the day when I wanted to be a mystery writer, I created a black gay detective: Rene C. Clayton. ("The 'C' is for 'Christopher' and no --- 'Rene' isn't a girl's name.") Rene was located in Washington, D.C. He lived in an efficiency in Dupont Circle. He was addicted to coffee. He would never wear slacks and god forbid --- a tie! He supplemented his dead end job with freelance graphics projects. Deadbeats would often stiff him. He'd have to use his wits to track them down. Stake-outs were a breeze. He knew how to find a clue. He could get out of a jam. He was in an on again/off again relationship with his ex, who masqueraded as his side kick. His best friend was hot. He had a crush on an older straight police detective whose feelings toward him were more brotherly. His "muscle" was his lesbian gal-pal. His father always worried too much and his little brother was pesky. And, because he'd read too many Nancy Drew books as a child, he often saw a mystery in everything.
Rene never really made his dynamic debut as I'd always envisioned. There's a completed novel (which feels extremely dated now), an unfinished novel (which was actually going pretty well), a ton of incomplete short stories and a bunch of drawings. One story though, "Justifiable Disappearance" was actually published online by Blithe House Quarterly many, many years ago. Who really remembers what happened after that? I think life just got in the way. But, Rene C. Clayton has always been in my heart. He's sitting there, impatiently tapping his foot, waiting to spring into action. And who knows? Maybe he'll return in some other form. Most likely as a comic strip.

Rene helping a gay youth escape!
Rene, not so lucky himself. Captured, bound with his own coat and tossed into the back seat of an abandoned car!!!
Rene --- in a dangerous situation!!!
Rene --- investigating a drive by shooting.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Issues #13-15 has been added to the official website of Black Gay Boy Fantasy. My god! I still can't get that new homepage to load!!! Maybe ... one day. Anyway, issue #13 - "First Date," issue #14 - "A Boy I Like," and issue #15 - "Naked" ---- (yes, every character appears naked at some point in this issue) have been added.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Don't Ask

Originally, this piece was going to be called "Swimming Hole," instead --- don't ask --- because I don't know how Jesus ended up in the shallow end of the lake. And, no --- he's not hurt.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lenny & Carl

I don't know if it's true or not about Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson the lovable and much hinted upon gay couple from the Simpsons, but there have been many hints dropped throughout the entire run. Marge even scolded Homer when he ran out of gay couples to marry and suggested them. "You let them figure that out for themselves." At one point, Lenny and Carl both seemed to have wives. Lenny apparently had a beauty queen wife that Carl hadn't even met. Carl is apparently aware that people think they're gay. Wikipedia says that it might simply be "hero worship" on Lenny's part without any romantic involvement. But, he and Carl spend an awful lot of time together --- hanging at Moe's, chatting on the cell phones to each other during black outs, starting riots, taking car trips and bird watching together. I have no proof of their relationship ---- until now! Below this very candid snap shot of my favorite interracial lovers are several references that probably only my brother and I would find funny.

  • In the episode There's Something About Marrying, Homer runs out of homosexual couples to marry, and speculates that Lenny and Carl might be interested. Marge scolds him, saying that the two need to "work that out for themselves".
  • In the episode Ice Cream of Margie (With the Light Blue Hair) in season 18, Lenny ends up inside the combined broken popsicle stick sculptures of Lenny and Carl. He states, "I don't know where Carl ends and I begin!" Carl replies, "See, statements like that are why people think we're gay" indicating that they identify themselves as straight.
  • In the episode Thank God It's Doomsday, Lenny asks Chief Wiggum if he will be his "rapture buddy", to which Wiggum responds by saying, "What's wrong with Carl? Trouble in paradise?"
  • In the episode Fraudcast News, Lenny publishes a newspaper called "The Lenny-Saver" with the headline: "The Truth About Carl, He's Great." After displaying this, he sheds a tear and states that "it had to be told."
  • In Treehouse of Horror XVI where Lenny dies and sees Heaven, the angels all take the form of Carl. They chorus, "Hurry up, Lenny! We'll be late for work at the plant!"
  • In several episodes where Lenny reveals his deepest desires, such as when Mayor Quimby switches off the town lights, and Lisa shouts that "for eons people have gazed at the skies and seen into their souls" - when Lenny looks up, he sees Carl's face in the stars (which Carl also does).
  • In the final episode of season 17, Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play, Lenny is with Carl at the baseball game and after seeing Homer and Marge on the Kiss-cam remarks to Carl, "Remember when we used to kiss like that, Carl? {pause} With our respective girlfriends." They then discuss what happened to them. Apparently one turned out to be a prostitute and one died.
  • In Behind the Laughter, Lenny and Carl are describing the Simpsons tendency to spend large amounts of money. Lenny says, "Even Bart was throwing dough around. He paid me and Carl a thousand bucks to kiss each other!" Then Carl (looking puzzled) says, "Hey, did we ever get that money?". Suddenly, they both look upset.
  • My Big Fat Geek Wedding features Carl reflecting that "Marriage is gonna be great. Now you'll have someone who'll rub your back - without being asked" while glaring at Lenny, who sighs "Oh, not this again." Carl then responds "Yes this again."
  • In Half-Decent Proposal, when Homer and Lenny are leaving Springfield forever, they drive past a mountain with Carl's face carved in it. Lenny calls it "Mount Carlmore" and says he carved it one beautiful summer. Later on, when Artie Ziff's helicopter comes to rescue Homer and Lenny from a burning oil field, Lenny is hesitant to go saying "There's nothing on that helicopter for me" to which Carl appears and responds "Don't be so sure!" and Lenny gasps and rushes up the rope ladder.
  • In the Episode The Way We Weren't, Homer tells Lenny and Carl about his encounter with an unknown girl (Marge) through the kitchen flaps. Carl replies "Oh man, someday, love will come sliding down my chute."
  • In The Simpsons Movie, as Homer and Marge start the first dance at their wedding, Lenny and Carl are shown with arms slung around each other.
  • In season 18 episode Little Big Girl Carl states that they have the same mother when a major fire is closing in on her work.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sunday, January 6, 2008

People Are Talking

Here's a preview page from BGBF issue #22 - "People Are Talking."

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Every year I say that I'm going to work harder. This year, I mean it. I've been doing this virtually unknown self-published comic book, Black Gay Boy Fantasy for the last ten years. I have to pride myself on my Juicy Mother 2 work. That was definitely a step in the right direction. Within the next couple of months, I hope to have at least the first nineteen to twenty issues online. Currently, there's twelve available for viewing. I have work literally sitting around waiting to be completed. In the meanwhile, as always, here's a pin-up of Neil with his favorite gal pal, Zelda and two new friends, Jesus and Rayshaun.

Happy New Year --- 2008!!!