Sunday, December 15, 2013

Going Black: Beach Brothas

This is a little experiment called:  When Good Pictures Go Black.  One day, these neat little pictures from my blog will be published in a book.  Archie Comics, in particular, (just using you, not accusing you) will not let me publish these delicious, scandalous little drawings.  (Cue:  Mischievous grin.) The original?

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Rene C. Clayton Mystery Story: Surveillance Most Boring

Chapter 31
Surveillance Most Boring
(A Fake Excerpt) 
Nobody saw me climb the fence.  Bertha, my little buggy was parked at a safe distance from the road.  And, I was operating under a thin layer of dusk, wearing Fall colors.  Just to blend in.  I made my way around the side of the house and settled in the bushes.  Ask anybody, detective work ain’t always pretty or glamorous.  Especially for the amateur, un-paying kind.  I think I sat there for a couple of hours playing games on my phone.  Volume: off --- of course.  Periodically, I checked my email, voicemail and texts.  No calls from Mr. Cutie Pie Harrison.  Not even a text.  Wonder what I would have to do to get him to send me a “selfie.”  Hmph.  Think I actually know what I’d have to do.  Not doing that.  Well, maybe.  Oh, yeah.  Battery usage.  I might end up having to call for help.  Couldn’t very well do that with a dead phone.

Too late.


My phone blipped off and I was stuck sitting there holding the tiniest, most expensive piece of modern day technology that was now useless to me.  Nobody said surveillance was easy.  Now, I would have to entertain myself.  Maybe I needed to rattle off the list of suspects in my head again.  I had my suspicions about who might turn up to take the bait.  It’s a good thing everybody thought I was a nobody.  If they hadn’t, nobody would have started talking, inadvertently supplying me with all those handy little things called “clues.”  Clues add up and sometimes they point directly to a suspect.

And, that’s how I ended up trespassing on an exclusive estate.  Spying on some bitter old queen --- who obviously knew how to make a decent cocktail, I might add.  A car pulled up in the distance.  A very expensive car with a missing tail light.  My breath caught and my heart fluttered with excitement.  I moved forward, parted a couple of branches and watched this mystery come together.

Damn, I’m good.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wonder Woman on the Big Screen

Okay, so she's not going to quite make it into her own movie on the big screen.  And, because of the success and pressure of the Marvel movies, DC Comics is going to make the Man of Steel sequel a ... Batman vs. Superman with Ben Affleck and the gorgeous Henry Cavill, respectively.  But, apparently, my favorite Amazon, Wonder Woman is going to make it to the big screen --- FINALLY.  And, there were three contenders, yet one winner ...

And the winner is ... Gal Gadot!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Poor Barbie - Ken Drama!

I don't know where I found this, but all I can say is --- poor Barbie.  Everybody just wants to treat my girl bad because she's got everything!!!  (Props to whoever created this!)