Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Gang's All Here!

In 2005, I did an illustration of all of my current characters together. (It didn't seem that long ago!) I didn't realize I had so many characters. It made me feel good. It was progress. It reminded me of the community of Springfield. Yesterday, I did another one with some of my newest characters. I realize that Dustin's sister and his nephews never made it into it. Plus, she has a new baby who makes her debut in issue #22. Jesus, who I've completely fallen in love with wasn't in it. Then, he has his three best friends. Then, there's another new character I created for Derrick and Rodney. Then finally, there were some background activist characters who only appeared in an as yet unpublished story about how Neil and Dustin really met. That story will make its debut in my first compilation. Below are some snippets of the thumbnails of two separate pictures.

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