Sunday, February 10, 2008

Actually Working

This is me finally getting some work done over the weekend. (I took a moment for a photo op.) Making sure that I get things done are the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew (from Tonner Dolls), 13" DC Direct Superman (interchangeable with a Clark Kent outfit and admittedly --- my favorite toy right now!), little DC Direct Mary Marvel, a cut out figure of Neil in his underwear, my pencil cup (which I finally realized I needed instead of having them strewn across the drawing table and a Batgirl doll I got from the WB Store years ago. Yes, the table is crowded, but I always have to have toys around me for inspiration.
I'm not working on these character sketches at my drawing table, but actually putting the finishing pencils on issue #23! I'll post some of that soon. But, I came across these "bible" sketches of some of my newer characters. Greg was created as Dustin's ex-boyfriend. When I had him in issue #18, his face was never seen because he never had one. Notations along this sketch dictate that he's pretty much a globe-trotting do-gooder who will focus more on a cause than his relationship. Once back, he becomes very smothering in order to compensate.
These are Jesus's friends. Jesus, Neil's potential new beau and his friends actually made appearances in the background of different panels of different issues. Jesus kept popping up, so I decided to make him a regular character. Afterwards, I realized that he needed friends. I started seeing who popped up most in a group. These three were the winners, Reynard, Jesse and Taylor. They're the "non-drama" friends that you end up liking more than your own friends. Maybe even more than your own boyfriend!
Then there's this thin, flirtatious mess. Raymond. He's a local gay youth who comes with a ton of trouble. He's not all bad I suppose. But then, I have just met him and he tends to make a bad first impression. On purpose.

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