Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Queer Cartoonist ATTACK!!! (Part 2)

Well, it's over. Sadly. It was an incredible weekend. It started out ... challenging. More than a few hours on the New Jersey Turn Pike. EZPass drama. (Not really.) Getting to the first panel late. Parking drama. (Manhattan is not tourist friendly.) A flop house!!!! Peeling paint, dank dwellings and bed bugs. Oh, my! (Hotel Pennsylvania = European hostel.) Saved by lesbians. Brooklyn is bigger than D.C. Hanging with a comix legend. Train rides. A mouse. Cocktails at 10am. Vietnamese and Lebanese food. Sigh. A great time was had by all. Members of the Juicy Mother crew were reunited for Attack of the Queer Cartoonist. Check out my previous blog entry. There were nice turn outs for each event. For more info about our weekend, check out Howard's blog. He's got some things to say, too. Jennifer Camper (Juicy Mother), Ivan Velez (Tales From The Closet), Joan Hilty (Bitter Girl), and Howard Cruse (Stuck Rubber Baby, Wendell) really turned out a great event, discussing gay comix and their role in it.

Ivan Velez, Howard Cruse, Jen Camper and Joan Hilty
Howard, Joan and Me.
Emmalee & Jen
Me and Ivan
Gay comix -- I missed SO much!!!
Me and Jen exploring Brooklyn Vietnamese food. Yum!!!
A pig is born.On the docks outside Ikea with Jen.
Jen Camper and Dave Hooper, Juicy Mother alum.
Me and Emmalee --- an absolute doll!!!
The godfather of Gay Comix: Howard Cruse!!!!!
Me, Howard and Dave
Howard approached by fans on the street of Brooklyn.
"OMG! OMG! OMG!" (Such modesty from Howard.)
Me and Emmalee again.
Ivan's presentation at Blue Stocking: "Tales From The Closet"
Jen Camper: "Juicy Mother"
Howard Cruse: "Wendell"
Bluestocking Q&A: Damn it's hot in here!!!
Ivan and Daniel
Me and Jen! That's right!!!


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Victor Hodge said...

Thank you. It was an INCREDIBLE event that just got better and better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Victor, wish I coulda been there with you guys - looks like it was a blast! Your pal, Rob Kirby

Victor Hodge said...

Rob, if YOU had been there --- it would have just heightened the already perfect weekend. Also, congrats on the relaunch.