Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rob Kirby's New Gig: "Three"

Rob Kirby's "Curbside" comic strip was one of those strips I loved instantly. (Along with David Kelly's "Steven.") I loved his style. I loved his stories. He's a helluva writer. I loved the fact he had black gay characters who actually wanted to be with one another. And, he has a smashing sense of humor. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Rob after loving his work for so many years, because of Juicy Mother and Boy Trouble 2: Born To Trouble. I had a story in Boy Trouble called "Click - Download." It was alllllll about my adventures in porn. (Collecting and stealing, not starring.) Plus, it was the first time I ever did a story in full color. Rob completed his run with Curbside, took a break and is now back at the drawing board, putting out an anthology of comics entitled "Three." It looks like three queer cartoonist get their turn, each issue, at telling different stories. First up is Eric Orner and Joey Alison Sayers. On top of "Three," Rob has even re-vamped and re-launched his website, re-titled: Rob Kirby Comics. "Three" is also available for pre-order. Support the queer comic arts!!!
"Rob Kirby's all-new, all-color, all-queer comics anthology promises to be at least as much fun as a barrel of monkeys, if not even more so! So join Rob, Eric "Ethan Green" Orner and Joey Alison "Thingpart" Sayers for issue #1, coming your way soon!"


Rob said...

Mr. V, you are the coolest and sweetest! XO
Rob K

Victor Hodge said...

Rob!!! I just read "Three" and it is AMAZING!!!! Thanks for helping to keep queer comix alive. I can't wait for issue 2.