Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nancy Drew's sidekick - Jean Rasey!

Jean Rasey played "George Fayne," one of Nancy Drew's side kicks from the 70s show, "The Hardy Boys - Nancy Drew Mysteries." Even though she was more of a combo of Nancy's sidekicks, "Bess Marvins" and her cousin, "George Fayne," she added an incredibly new dimension to George. She was down town to earth. Pretty. Playful. Fun. Comic relief to Nancy's serious investigative side. Actually ... exciting. She even broke into song when "forced" into action and followed Nancy along on every adventure. Without saying, anyone who knew me back in the day, Nancy Drew was pivotal during my growth. Well, I was SO excited when I found out Jean Rasey was returning to acting. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with. And, not only that, she has her own BLOG!!!! So, when I need to see more George, now, I can.
Jean: today!
Jean with Pamela Sue Martin!!!


Jean Rasey said...

You are too Kind! Thanks so very much for the recognition Victor:-) It means a great deal to me!

Victor Hodge said...

Wow. Jean, you REALLLLY meant a lot to me growing up. I rushed to get those DVDs when they finally came out. (It only took 30 years!!!)They were as fun as I remembered even though I had never seen them all. I just couldn't figure out why you left the show. Anyway, you were a GREAT George, especially after I was able to look at things with an adult eye. I wish I could have posted more about you and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more. Good luck with your career!!!

Tiffeny said...

My girls and I have been watching The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries on Netflix and we just came to the Nancy Drew episode where Jean Rasey was replaced as George. We're all heartbroken because we LOVED Jean Rasey's depiction of that character. I've been Googling for an hour trying to figure out why Jean left the show. Thanks for this post. Did you ever figure it out Victor?

Victor Hodge said...

Thanks for your comments, Tiffeny. I LOVED Jean as well as George. She was a lot of fun. I never found out why she left though I was disappointed as well. Maybe one day, Jean will stumble across my site again and give us some much needed answers. BTW, I was VERY honored that she came across my post. She sounds like a wonderful person. And, she looks incredible. She had a wish to be on Law & Order. Now that I'm obsessed with Law & Order, I hope she makes it there as well. I'm still sifting through 20 years of television. Maybe she did.