Monday, November 12, 2007

Apparently, an amazing event took place here in Washington, D.C. on Friday evening at the Jewish Community Center. It was an evening with Alison Bechdel, Lynda Berry and Chris Ware. My best friend, Dave went. He, himself is an amazing artist and the creator of the A cappella Comics. He and I are together in Jennifer Camper's "Juicy Mother 2: How They Met" which recently came out from Manic D Press. If you don't have it, get it. It's great. Dave and I both have stories in there with some of the greatest gay and lesbian artists around. It's available through the publisher and also Alison, Jen Camper (SubGurlz), Joan Hilty (Bitter Girl) and Diane DiMassa (Hothead Paisan) have a cartoon jam in the book called "A Perfect Match." But, more on Juicy Mother 2 later!

Friday was dominated by our mutual love for Alison Bechdel. She apparently FLIPPED when she realized that there was a Juicy Mother 2 alum among her fans. The two of them took this really crappy camera phone picture, but it's still amazing to see them together. (Cartoon caption - created by Dave actually say: Alison - "I'm in Juicy Mother." Dave - "Me too!") The audience was obviously captivated and mystified by their immediate bonding over something that wasn't Alison's graphic novel, "Fun Home." Afterwards, on the phone, he and I shrieked for entire five minutes like school girls. Okay - I was also jumping up and down in my kitchen like a fool.
I should have been there!!! I'm sorry I missed you, Alison!!!
Okay, so this where I totally geek out about Alison. Back, I think, in 1998, I went to the gay and lesbian writers conference in Boston called OutWrite. That's when I was young, hopeful and writing full time. I briefly - briefly - BRIEFLY - met Alison. I nervously and geekishly -- I know it's not a word -- gave her the very first issue of my comic book Black Gay Boy Fantasy. I probably scurried away to compose myself afterwards. I may have even passed out or burst into tears. I don't know. Mind you, she's the reason I'm doing my book. She's the greatest. The world seems to be discovering Alison now because of "Fun Home," but there are people like me --- who have loved her for the last twenty-some years because of "Dykes To Watch Out For!" Yes, Alison, I worship you. I have two of your mugs ("Me some coffee!" and "Sultry"), a mouse pad, all of your calendars, all of your compilations, "Fun Home" and "The Indelible Alison Bechdel." You're part of the reason I'm drawing my book. And, I've never told you, but thanks for the constant inspiration. Even if you never see this posting, at least everyone else will know that I am especially honored to be in the same book with you.

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Alison Bechdel said...

Hey, Victor. You flatterer, you. Was it really 9 years ago that you gave me Black Gay Boy Fantasy #1? Man, we’re getting old. I was happy to see your stuff in JM2. Rodney & Derrick kick ass.

Keep on drawin’.