Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nancy Drew --- again!

Finally, the last three incarnations of Nancy Drew on the big screen. The most well know, I believe to be Pamela Sue Martin. When I finally saw these episodes again as an adult, I was floored. Pamela Sue Martin really pulled it off. Stylishly and beautifully. She gave Nancy warmth, strength, courage and personality. I don't remember seeing most of these episodes as a child because I was normally at my grandmother's on Sunday and my father always conveniently picked me up while it was on. I won't write about how I performed ... however, it took many, many years before I finally saw Pamela Sue Martin in action as Nancy Drew. Most of you probably remember her as Fallon from "Dynasty."

Pamela Sue and Jean Rasey as George. Honestly, I think Jean, in spite of her long dark hair, would have made a better Bess Marvin because of her personality and spunk. But, here she is with Nancy, looking surprised.
And what would Nancy Drew be without a profile shot heading into mystery?!?
The real Nancy Drew!!!
And, here's Janet Louise Johnson as Nancy Drew. She took Pamela Sue Martin's place. Admittedly, I didn't know much about her. She seemed to be the sweet version of her. Here she is with the Hardy Boys - Shawn Cassidy and Parker Stevenson.
And, finally, finally, finally --- Bonita Granville. I didn't find out until a few years ago that these movies even existed. Back in the 30s, four Nancy Drew movies were produced based upon the popularity of the books, which surfaced in 1930. "Nancy Drew - Detective," "Nancy Drew - Reporter," "Nancy Drew - Troubleshooter" and "Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase." Bonita Granville was a fun Nancy Drew. The stories contained action, suspense and comedy. She was a multi-layered character, based upon the books of that era - not the ones I grew up on where these took away all the personality and just gave you mystery and suspense. Bonita was a lot of fun!

She may look like she's on her way to Wonderland, but she's all Nancy!
Bonita Granville with"Ted" Nickerson, played by the very cute, Frankie Thomas.
"Here she is!" A deep voice shouted exultantly.
The Pass Word To Larkspur Lane - 1932


Joan said...

Pamela Sue Martin was one of my first big lesbo crushes. One of my very few acts of rebellion before leaving home for college was to beg my mom to let me watch her on Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys before dinnertime one night. (This was the 1970s, children--no VCR, no TIVO.) Well, dinner was ready and she wasn't waitin', so she made a big scene and dragged the TV into the dining room for all of us to watch it. Trust me, in a repressed WASP household, that was punishment.

Anonymous said...

Pamela Sue Martin is my all time big favorite Nancy Drew, I liked the old one with Frankie Thomas, but Pamela my favorite!!
Great job, Pamela, great job!

Victor Hodge said...

Pamela Sue Martin was an incredible, updated, fresh, cool, kick-ass version of our favorite teen detective. I just wish there had been more of her. Plus, she should have had her sidekicks, Bess and George. And, you can't help but love the ones from the 30s. Bonita Granville was great fun as Nancy. And, for some reason, I just LOVE the Canadian version!!! I am loving Tracey Ryan more and more.