Monday, November 19, 2007

Juicy Mother 2 in Philadelphia!!!

The Juicy Mother 2 crew is back! Saturday, December 1st at 6pm, we'll be in Philadelphia at Robin's Bookstore - 108 S. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA (215-735-9600). Juicy Mother 2 - How They Met is described by its editor and contributor, Jennifer Camper as "Comix for gender pirates and sexual outlaws. The highly anticipated second volume of Juicy Mother examines queer life from new perspectives." There will be a comix slide show, cartoonist discussion and book signings.

Attending Cartoonists:
Jennifer Camper (Rude Girls & Dangerous Women, subGURLZ)
Diane DiMassa (Hothead Paisan, Jokes and the Unconscious)
Michael Fahy (Boy Trouble)
Joan Hilty (Bitter Girl)
Ivan Velez Jr (Tales of the Closet, Blood Syndicate, Dead High)
Victor Hodge (ME!!!!! - Black Gay Boy Fantasy)
David Hooper (What Choice Do I have?)
Fly (PEOPS, Dog Dayz)

Now, let's go into the past for a second. On October 13th, the official book release party for Juicy Mother 2 took place at Blue Stockings Women's Bookstore & Cafe in New York. The place was packed and we had ten artists show up! The place was packed and the book sold out. I won't lie. I was nervous. I was late. A glass of wine calmed my nerves. Plus, it helped that I wasn't the only nervous person there. But, it turned out to be a wonderful event. Everybody was great. It was incredible meeting all of those wonderful artists. Here are some of the moments from that night.

Me - nervous? Yeah.
Not anymore! Thanks, Jen!!! No wonder everybody loves you!
Okay. Maybe I'm still a little nervous. They made me talk! In front of people!!!
(Ivan Velez, David Hooper, me & Fly!)
David ("What Choice Do I Have?") Hooper & me!!!!
What choice do you have?!? None!!! Keep drawin'!!!!!
"Bitter Girl" - not hardly - Joan Hilty! Artist and
writer of "Zion." I want the rest of that story!
Michael Fahy. "Boy Trouble." "Unbalanced."
The completely fascinating Chitra Ganesh -
"How Amnesia Remembered Roxanne."
It was terrifying seeing my very own story - "Bad Day" flash up during the slide show. Those are my own unofficial heroes, Derrick & Rodney, being the gay power couple --- with regular couple's issues.
Victor & Carlo Quispe - artist of "Scenesters in Love!"
Ivan Velez - our cover artist (It's always good to see you!) & DC's very own: David.
And Fly - "The Girlfriend." She really is Fly!
Diane DiMassa (Hothead Paisan), the adorable Katie Fricas ("Bad Devin") and Carlo.
Diane DiMassa speaks! She fucking rocks!!! And check out that amazing Hothead t-shirt. On the other side is the utterly cool Joan Hilty, then Carlo and Ivan.
The evening wouldn't be complete without my own crew. It's me and Gary. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your constant support!!!
Then, there's John - my tireless photographer.
And Curtis says ... that's enough art for tonight. Take me home. Now.
Signed by the Juicy Mother 2 crew.

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