Saturday, November 17, 2007

When I'm trying to distract myself from actually getting "real" work done, I'll make some full fledged penciled and inked "doodles." That way, I feel like I'm accomplishing something. So, I decided to start drawing my people in their underwear. This is part of making sure that black men are allowed to be sexual without being mandingos. (Mandingos normally plow into white female slave owners while never becoming FREE.) Back to reality: Underwear say a lot about a man. Here's what I had to say about my folks. I actually did them last weekend and finished them in color. (I'm trying to remain true to myself since my work is primarily in black and white.) Here are both versions. All of these were done in red, white and blue. I'm not a political person, but for some reason, I felt the need to do these. I chose a color for each of my characters.

It all started with Imu from issue #1. He was my protagonist's crush. Turns out he has a boyfriend. But, that's a story you'll have to follow on my website. Is there any wonder he really doesn't wear underwear? I mean, I'm certain he wears them sometimes because I've drawn him in them. He just doesn't wear them all the time. And, I'm sure that's how his boyfriend likes it that way! And, Neil does, too.

Then, there's Dustin. He may be "the one" for our beloved, Neil. But then, they have a lot to go through. Unfortunately. Who knows what's going to happen? I do some days. Some days ... I don't. The stories sometimes tell themselves. Anyway, Dustin wears boxer briefs. No extra commentary here. (Note: If you don't know, Dustin eventually started tattooing on one arm. Now, he's working on the other.)
Anyway, there's Jesus. He's Neil's new beau. (At least, by issue #22.) He's a great guy. He's wearing what's most revealing. He comes from an environment that's not as as uptight as our own and sexuality reigns supreme. (He's still wearing that cross though and I'm going to have to deal with it.) You really should see him all three colors. He wears them well. :-)

Greg is the newest of the new. Very little is known about him because I haven't written it yet. He's only appeared once in silhoutte. I know exactly when he's going to make his dramatic debut. In the meanwhile, we'll deal with his under garments. He's sexy and really covered in freckles. He's what the Brits call "Ginger." (I don't understand the full impact of that term other than being a red-headed person.) I think it's actually an insult. Back in the day, I would have thought of him as "peanut butter." (Please don't ask me what I meant. I was a kid.) He's EXTREMELY politically active. Even at the expense of any relationship he might have. But, Greg is an interesting character. His underwear are hot!

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