Sunday, September 19, 2010

Isn't It Bro-mantic?

Okay, I didn't come up with the title. It's in Veronica comics #202. The Archies get their very first openly gay character, Kevin Keller. They must be trying to keep up with the times because just last month, there was an interracial relationship between Archie Andrews and Valerie Smith from Josie & the Pussycats!!! (They got my money over that one, too.) Personally, I thought the story was funny from the rivalry between Betty and Veronica, to how much Veronica and Jughead seem to dislike one another, the joke Jughead plays on Veronica, and Archie's jealousy. The "Bro-mance," a word I think is actually kind of funny --- normally between two straight men, is between Kevin and Jughead Jones. (Didn't Homer Simpsons tell somebody in Waverly Hills he was cool because could turn words into dudes?) Kevin and Jughead bond over a hamburger eating contest, share a love for food and comic books. Anyway, I thought it was funny. I'm sure we probably won't meet his gay friends (like the one he kept texting) or see him ever kiss a man, but ... baby steps. I guess. Since I'm still on the Archie tip, I'm celebrating Riverdale's "only gay in the village" with a pin-up.


Jubell said...

You're killing me! You make me want to draw some Archie pr0n so bad now when I'm supposed to be studying to take this test today!


Curse your wicked heart ;_;

(j/k I'm kidding, I'm so late on all of my archie stuff. 3 generations of my family are into that book but I haven't bought one in SO long!)

Victor Hodge said...

Believe me, I didn't get done what I was supposed to get done either! I can't wait to draw Reggie Mantle, who I think is the sexiest man in Riverdale. (Ooo, the thoughts I'm having about Josie's man, Alan M.)


If Archie Comics editors had real courage, they'd "out" Jughead Jones as Gay. I've been told they won't even consider it. The closest they'll come is Veronica mistaking Juggie for Kevin Keller's boyfriend in the "New Guy" story.

My list of comic characters who ought to have been Gay:

Jughead Jones (Archie)
Captain America & The Falcon (Marvel)
Bishop (Marvel)
The Creeper (DC)
Power Girl (DC)
Dr. Strange (Marvel)
Linus Van Pelt (Peanuts strip)

Victor Hodge said...

Jughead was realllllly comfortable with Kevin. What was hysterical was Ethel's reaction when she saw Jughead going off with Kevin. She picked up on it right away.

Raasbwoy said...

Please; growing up I always identified with Jughead's lack of interest in girls "woman hater" was the term used in the older comics (we all knew he was gay)

It's interesting how they are letting the two gay characters bond without admitting it :P

I love the pinup by the way really HOT I always pictured Jughead with some of the other guys too...