Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop Eddie Long. Okay. Because I'm not a "churchy" (i.e. "church person"), I had no idea who he was. But, after I found out --- I became RIVETED!!!! OMG!!! (I don't normally get sucked in like this, but --- Snarf! Guffaw! Chuckle!) What a scandal!!!! We got another one who needs to go down (and --- wink --- not in a good way). He's some kind of Religious person in Atlanta who led some kind of black church march against our gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people. He led a parade of hatred against gay marriage. But, as always ... those that doth protest too much ... "A DL closet queen" (tip o' the nib to Tanya in regards to my first ever hate mail from a really closeted/confused "fan," years ago). Well, apparently enough people seemed to know that this married "man of the cloth" was recruiting young boys into his own jet-setting, personal/private SEX club. I'm always glad when these people are exposed because they're SO much a part of the "straight" community that never suspects them. (Wake up, straight people!!! Why do you even care we want to be with the same gender?!? You will still get your rights.) When this info was passed on to me, I childishly called him -- and I quote from an e-mail: "a low-class, no good, self-hating homophobic, closet case." Oh, and ... I (sheepishly) hoped he would go down in "FLAMES." I still mean it. I'm not taking it back. I'm tired of people trying to destroy us and for some reason we're supposed to protect them and "understand." As far as Bishop Long is concerned, I'm sure we need to stay tuned because there's more to come. I hope others surface (Aren't we up to four under-aged victims?) and bring him down. He's supposed to respond tomorrow. On a Sunday. As if that matters.
I don't know what's going on here, but this is hysterical!!! (Looks like they're making out --- in public.) They seem really into it.
All I enjoy saying is ... sloppy.
I'm just saying ...


°º§DƏLLA§º° said...

And as I said before, Negroes are so delusional when it comes to them and that damn black church. they sit up there and make these men out to be damn near gods then act upset when they find out they just might be human and are just like their black asses!

ugh this whole topic has me fired up because i work with a few delusional negroes who have said it is nothing but the HOMOSEXUAL DEMON that is trying to consume the goodness!


Victor Hodge said...

I don't think *any* of them are "delusional." They just need to be exposed.

Jubell said...

The sad part is that black people, all of us, pretty much KNOW he did wrong. There isn't one black person I've talked to, in my family and elsewhere who thinks he's innocent.

The minute I heard the news I said to myself "He's guilty" because you CANNOT hide stuff like that! He said he's gonna fight but its easy to prove if he bought two tickets to Africa and Asia and all these other places and took one of those young men along. If he bought them gifts and they still have them it can be TRACED.

I loved how they had the one woman come out of his sermon yesterday and said "I'm not buyin' it" and walked off.

The thing is that, as you said, this kinda NEEDS to happen to the religious belt black continuum. Not because they're bad people but because they need to see that hanging on the words of these men is just that. Hanging on the words of MEN and not GOD.

I was watching Real Housewives of D.C. (yes...I'm a dork) and the one black couple says they don't support gay marriage even though they want to support equal rights. And the answer behind the conundrum? Their PREACHER says it's wrong and they don't want to go against HIM, even though inside they DO believe in equal treatment under the law.


I see that mess in my family all the time. It's time to stop being sheep. You go to church to connect with GOD not the man at the pulpit.

(Oh I get so angry about it!)