Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Michael Jackson doll

Now that he's dead, I guess everybody loves Michael Jackson. You know it's true. A car pulls up --- you hear Mike. Sideshow Collectibles is putting out a doll. A very expensive doll. The 12" Michael Jackson Thriller doll costs $189. He comes with 32-points of articulation, two heads (one Thriller, one un-Thriller MJ when he was cute and still black --- the face is gorgeous), five interchangeable sets of hands + one for various poses (crotch grabbing looks possible). Sideshow Collectibles has always put out some incredible work and this doll (not action figure) is no exception. I remember proudly wearing my Michael Jackson button (Thriller album, posed, white suit) to 8th grade math class and one of my friends politely told me, "Michael Jackson --- is out." I didn't know. I thought I was being cool for once. I was so embarrassed that it was put away before math class ended. But, other children normally find a way to crush your spirit. Mike is going to be here for awhile. Especially now that he's cool again. And, he might as well line up next to Marilyn Monroe and Elvis and have his place in history, too.

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