Sunday, November 1, 2009

In Case Your Forgot ...

While people are sitting around making decisions about what rights we, as lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer folks, should and should not have, they need to remember that we are still people, too. Can you believe that straight people in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area are sitting around trying to decide whether or not WE, consenting grown folks, can get married?!? Most of them can't even STAY married!!!! I think the right should be taken away from them, we get to vote on them as well OR whether ANYBODY should be able to get married at all. Where's the love?
I got the idea for this image from one of my newest friends, Thomas Allen Harris, an incredible filmmaker, journalist, artist and activist, who did the film"That's My Face." He has another film that he's working on called "Through A Lens Darkly." Check out the trailer for it and his other films here. It completely got me inspired to do this.

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