Monday, May 26, 2008

DC Black Pride

Happy Memorial Day Weekend festivities!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vodka Tonics, Apple Martinis and Dyke Drama!

Two more issues of Black Gay Boy Fantasy have been posted to my official website. First up, "Vodka Tonics, Apple Martinis and Dyke Drama!" This is what happens when the girls invade the boy bar. And, Issue #17 - "Last Night, This Morning, That Evening" is about the repercussions from the issue before. Just a few excerpts.

Neil being messy.Let the invasion begin!!!Is Dustin lying? Or is he just being evasive? It's a thin line when it comes to dealing with men. Hey, did anybody else notice me in the background? I forgot I was hanging out that night.

Neil gets a little too twisted, but remembers proper bar pick-up etiquette.A Zelda flash back provides background for some really bad aggressive lesbian behavior.
Never get involved in other people's business. LaQuesha lets Zelda know in a very nice way.Neil and Imu being naughty with an unexpected guest on the other side of the door.
Mohammed & Imu: Trouble in married paradise.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Everybody But Neil

The women of Black Gay Boy Fantasy are about to make a reappearance in the series. Here's Zelda with the ladies inspired by the punk fashions of The Donnas. Featuring Nitta (one time appearance from Issue #4), Angie, Zelda, Unnamed character (from an unfinished story) and Sharri.This piece is going to be part of a series of drawings I call "Fashionably Prosecuted." It's laid out like a magazine spread featuring angry, militant homosexuals storming the Mall in various scenes of civil disobedience in downtown Washington, D.C. (But, in cute fashions.) First up is Imu and Mohammed.
There will be more of Rayshaun in BGBF. I'm delving into what must go on in his home when he's alone. Trying on sexy (if not miniscule) underwear must be on the agenda. Well, that and hanging out with bitchy queens.
Then, there's Greg and Dustin. It seems like somebody may have finally gotten over Neil.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Working --- forreal.

So, I actually blew off work on Friday to get some real work done. My "job" is really just my day gig and I have to keep reminding myself that I'm actually an artist. I'm completely faking it in this picture, but I actually got some work done.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Donnas

I first discovered The Donnas on some late night show singing, “I Don’t Wanna Know (If You Want Me).” They seemed like a punk/rock garage band made big time. It was something about these four women rocking-on (seriously) that made me fall instantly in love with them. White girl bands are hot anyway! I figured out who they were: Brett Anderson (Donna A) is the singer of the band, Allison Robertson (Donna R) is the guitarist, Maya Ford (Donna F) is the bass player, and Torry Castellano (Donna C) plays drums. I dashed out and bought their “new” album, “Gold Medal.” I ran it into the ground! Favorites include: “Fall Behind Me,” “Revolver” (I really wanted to destroy somebody at this point in life) and “Friends Like Mine.” I found their official website: I found the video. I even made my mother watch it. (I know she thought I was crazy.)

I wanted more. Then, I found “The Donnas: Spend the Night.” Favorites include: “Who Invited You?” (which I find myself often asking), “Too Bad About Your Girlfriend,” “Pass It Around,” “It’s On the Rocks” and “Take It Off” (featured in the movie “Dodge Ball,” from "Charmed" and a panel of Paige Braddock’s "Jane’s World.")

Then, one of my absolute favorite albums: “The Donnas: Turn 21.” Favorites include: Midnight Snack,” (Okay – it is my favorite!) “Hot Pants,” “Gimme A Ride,” “You’ve Got A Crush On Me,” and “Nothing To Do” ("... I'm sniffing everything under the sink --- and all I really wanted was another drink ... ") That’s when I found out they had been rocking together since middle school. Middle school!!! By this album, since they’d all been born in 1979, they were all legal! Legal to party!!! These chicks were some hard rocking, beer drinking, partying, backseat making out divas. I couldn’t get enough!!! Ran that into the ground, too.

They also popped up on the Nancy Drew soundtrack with a cover of “Kids In America.” In love more!!!

Late last year some time, I saw that they had a new album coming out: “Bitchin.’” And, apparently they were --- without the “bitch,” one article proclaimed. I finally bought the album a couple weeks ago and I have been running it into the ground … as well. “When The Show Is Over,” I think, the closest thing to a ballad I’ve ever heard them do, has bowled me over. No surprise here, I’m running this one into the ground. “Bitchin’” is short, but hot. “Better Off Dancin’” (which I’m sure a lot of would be), “Like An Animal” and “Girl Talk” have rocked me. I could go on and on and on about The Donnas, but I’m going to end here and start drawing. Really.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Party Pix!!!

I'm still basking in the glow of my party. So many wonderful people came. Great gifts, too. It was nice getting together my old friends, new friends, work friends, straight friends and gay friends. Everybody got along well and there were a couple of spots of news (good and bad) along the way --- but, absolutely NO drama. (And, that's saying something for MY crew.) No, 40 doesn't feel any different. No, it's not the new 25 --- which somebody told me this week. (Nor would I want to be 25!) It may be the new 30. But, 30 year olds think they're old and don't realize that 30 is still young until they're 40. But, I'm not going to make that mistake with 50. Dagnabit --- it just doesn't feel that old anymore. Wise up 30 year olds!!! Live! Live! Live!!!