Friday, May 16, 2008

Everybody But Neil

The women of Black Gay Boy Fantasy are about to make a reappearance in the series. Here's Zelda with the ladies inspired by the punk fashions of The Donnas. Featuring Nitta (one time appearance from Issue #4), Angie, Zelda, Unnamed character (from an unfinished story) and Sharri.This piece is going to be part of a series of drawings I call "Fashionably Prosecuted." It's laid out like a magazine spread featuring angry, militant homosexuals storming the Mall in various scenes of civil disobedience in downtown Washington, D.C. (But, in cute fashions.) First up is Imu and Mohammed.
There will be more of Rayshaun in BGBF. I'm delving into what must go on in his home when he's alone. Trying on sexy (if not miniscule) underwear must be on the agenda. Well, that and hanging out with bitchy queens.
Then, there's Greg and Dustin. It seems like somebody may have finally gotten over Neil.


Frances said...

Imu and Mohammed have nice thighs.

Victor Hodge said...

You're telling me! :-)