Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vodka Tonics, Apple Martinis and Dyke Drama!

Two more issues of Black Gay Boy Fantasy have been posted to my official website. First up, "Vodka Tonics, Apple Martinis and Dyke Drama!" This is what happens when the girls invade the boy bar. And, Issue #17 - "Last Night, This Morning, That Evening" is about the repercussions from the issue before. Just a few excerpts.

Neil being messy.Let the invasion begin!!!Is Dustin lying? Or is he just being evasive? It's a thin line when it comes to dealing with men. Hey, did anybody else notice me in the background? I forgot I was hanging out that night.

Neil gets a little too twisted, but remembers proper bar pick-up etiquette.A Zelda flash back provides background for some really bad aggressive lesbian behavior.
Never get involved in other people's business. LaQuesha lets Zelda know in a very nice way.Neil and Imu being naughty with an unexpected guest on the other side of the door.
Mohammed & Imu: Trouble in married paradise.

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