Friday, February 24, 2012

Archie Comics: Kevin Keller & Valerie Brown

I've become obsessed with Archie Comics. They're definitely trying to survive by ... evolving. First, they married Archie to Veronica. Fans were pissed because of the choice. Then, they created an alternative time line ... and, Archie married Betty. Weatherby married Grundy and ... things happened. Adult things. This was a "Five Years Later" storyline. Betty and Veronica, though rivals, became BFFs ... and then battled other BFFs. (Best Friends Forever.) Heck, I'm impressed with African American character, Chuck Clayton. And, they hung out with PRESIDENT OBAMA and ... Sarah Palin. Now, we have the Archies first GAY character: Kevin Keller. Yeah, I posted something about him before. Then, he got -- naked with Jughead on my "other" blog. But now, he's got his own series. Kevin Keller #1. He goes through the same antics as Archie. He honestly seems a part of their world. Everybody loves him. I have to admit ... Archie Comics has me realllllly fascinated. Did you know that Archie is even dating Valerie Brown from --- yes, you guessed it --- Josie and The Pussycats?!? Something's coming up where maybe there's yet another alternative timeline for one of our many favorite comic red heads, Archie Andrews.
Alternative Cover: Kevin Keller #1
Archie gets married? Hah! So does Kevin Keller!!!
Special Prom Issue!
Then ... Archie hooked up with Valerie Brown
of Josie & The Pussycats!!!
Too late, Betty and Veronica.
And, apparently it gets serious. Reallllly serious.
Too late. I guess. Gotta be an
alternative time line?
Remember THIS Valerie?!? :-(
Archie Gets Married
Married Life: Archie LOVES Veronica
Married Life: Archie LOVES Betty
With Obama and Palin. Obvious winner? OBAMA!!!
Once again. (Screw you, Ms. Alaska!!!!)
Cool ass drawing - TheArchies.
Cool ass drawing - Josie & The Pussycats.

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Jubell said...



And I'd known about Archie and Valerie and lots of people I know were kind of feeling it. I agree with the people who approached the subject - Archie and Valerie DO kind of work and I wish we could read a more...fleshed out tale between the two ( The arc featuring them went by REALLY fast for me, but what can you do)

I know the graphic collection for Kevin's issues is coming out and I want to get it when it does. He's been really fascinating as an addition cause...yeah. Archie comics failed when it came to re-envisioning Riverdale's relationship to body image politics. They tried to bring in a big bodied girl who loves herself and what she does, but is still human - and then abandoned her quickly over a decade ago.

Nonetheless, I think you are spot on. The company is trying to SURVIVE now and so they can't flirt with a subject and then walk away, Marvel comics would (because Marvel likes to use gay and lesbian characters and gimmicks and then once they think it gets to old - they horrible maim, disfigure, or mentally destroy the character in a way akin to some kind of mass hetero-lynching "Okay we let you live however you wanted for this long - now WE come in. The hetero-ubermensch-patriarchy gets to have it's say)

I hope they start to deal with so much more. Because I've loved Archie comics. My grandmother read them, my mother read them, and now I do. And sometimes you get really great poignant stories (plus...decades of "filler"). I recall one even making me teary eyed (It was wonderfully written and even better artwise. From one of the best Archie artists...ever).

I want to see the brand live on and I'm glad that it has the power to do so by engaging REALITY.