Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spoilers ...

If any of you have kept up with my online comic, Black Gay Boy Fantasy, then you know a few things .... Neil had been having an affair with the already married (in an open relationship), Imu, who Neil had been crushing on since the infamous candlelight vigil meeting in issue #1. BUT, Neil had apparently broken it off with Imu, because he was really beginning to enjoy his new relationship with Jesus (who has a fabulous doll and toy collection, watches comic book movies, and is passionate about unoppressing oppressed people) --- now that he's somewhat gotten over Dustin --- who Neil doesn't know is back with his ex-boyfriend, Greg --- who was flirting with him at a Sunday brunch while Dustin was only a few booths away drunk on Mimosas! Meanwhile, Derrick and Rodney had taken in a very troubled gay youth, Raymond, against Rodney's better judgment --- who Neil didn't like from the very beginning --- who ends up in some kind of liaison or tryst, most likely SEXUAL with Derrick, but we don't know for sure --- because Derrick broke the main rule of a comic book drama by not "wanting to talk about it" --- even though it was only him, Neil and that missing fourth wall. Now, his long term marriage is likely OVER!!!! (Trivia! 17 years? Right?) Well, Rodney, aptly threw them both out, but then became enraged with Neil when he discovered that Neil (his "friend") had taken both of them in!!! (It also turns out that Derrick is FLAKE, unable to keep jobs, pay his end of the mortgage, apparently ain't puttin' out on a regular, and introduced DRAMA, early on in their relationship!!!) Meanwhile, Jesus confides to drunken Derrick --- sipping on cocktails early in the day with his locs a mess, t-shirt smelly --- (Did I draw the "smelly lines" at any point wafting away from his shirt? I think I went for tattered edges.) --- that he knows that Neil is seeing someone else and that he's decided to break up with him. NOW, in typical male fashion, Neil has decided that he's ready to have a fulfilling relationship with Jesus, without realizing he's about to be DUMPED!!! So, what's a black gay boy to do? What else?!? Take a much needed break --- not from the drawing board, but on a trip to a cabin in the woods for the weekend, deep into Maryland, where all sorts of debauchery, truth, drama and mayhem will unfold. Oh, and insects. Lots and lots of insects.

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