Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dancing With Kate Gosselin

I'm going to diverge for a second. Just a second. I really shouldn't. I've been getting so much work done, but I'm going to stray. Just a little. I love Kate Gosselin. I always have. I was a big fan of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight," before it even became popular and ... ugly. I understand the whole "motherhood thing." (I don't want any of those little monsters.) The kids (all little people of color) were almost as cute as my own nieces and nephews (and ... great nieces and nephews). Almost. Not quite. But, almost. I loved the dynamic between Jon and Kate. They gave me hope about relationships triumphing over the everyday mundane. They would fight, snap at each other, say what they had to and get over it quickly. But ... as all of America knows, it didn't last once the money and the exposure started rolling in. Somewhere along the way, and I said I was going to stay out of it, but Jon, who used to defend himself and give as good as he got, decided that Kate was a castrating bitch and that he was a victim. And, fucking America backed him up!!!! Yeah, Kate could be a bit much. Sometimes a nightmare. But, so, could he. We didn't know what she had to put up with. But, what would you do, gentle reader, if you had eight kids and your husband couldn't step up to the plate because he had suddenly decided that he was too young to have eight children, who were already here helping him to NOT work everyday, who now had the money to do whatever he wanted? Now, folks --- hold on --- let's add in the shameless affairs with under-aged, barely attractive young girls sun bathing on your lawn while you're out of town promoting a book you wrote to bring in enough money to pay for the new house you just got after realizing that people actually wanted to hear you talk about your children --- all-the-time and --- let's face it, I think I'd be a little "bitchy," too. Just a little. Anyway, I wasn't really supposed to go off about that, but about the fact that Kate (who looks fucking INCREDIBLE) is going to be on a show I've never watched and probably never will ---- "Dancing With The Stars." I am ALL for Kate Gosselin being happy. She did things on her show, that she of course, benefited from, yes --- but so that her children could have the things she didn't. (The show did get ugly. It was too painful to watch.) But, I hope that Kate will one day find 1) happiness, 2) peace, 3) a new man (not that I'm a promoter of heterosexual couplings) and 4) recover from the trauma of her marriage ending and being berated by the media. (Her hair didn't have to stick up like that.) And, we can't believe that this woman, this mother of eight, isn't hurt by it. She's got to be. I wish her the best. If celebrity is the way to recovery, then more power to Kate Gosselin. She's got eight kids to feed. But, (wink!) let's also face the truth --- I hope Kate is second up (her little dancing partner, Aiden Turner is --- HOT!!!!) and that Niecy Nash is the WINNER!!!!!! (Niecy, you ULTIMATE ROCK!!!! And, that is a MEGA STUD, Chad Ochocinco, you're partnered with! Wowsa!!!) I wish you the best, Kate. I do. There! I've said it. Now, I'm going back to the drawing table, getting stuff done and this beautiful day.

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