Friday, July 3, 2009

Victor E. Hodge X-tended

Okay. I'm finally doing it. I couldn't bring myself to do it on Deviant Art --- which is a lovely site, I'm sure ... but, I'm going to do it here. This blog --- Victor E. Hodge Xtended should really be XXX-tended. This blog is intended to show the things I didn't want to present here. Just in case my family was watching. (Especially, my big brother.) There will be a lot of naughtiness and pure Simpsons-filth. Maybe a lot of Simpsons-filth (i.e. PORN - PORNOGRAPHIC PICTURES). I will take this opportunity to exploit "vanilla" characters and post them in all their unexplored raunchiness. (None of this should be held in conjunction with the BGBF continuum.) This blog has any and everything I'm interested. But, this one well ... will be the most revealing --- not about me --- but, about some of my characters. So, whoever wants to turn me in (prudish jackals) --- maybe I'll do it myself, ---so that I can get that horrific disclaimer about liabilities on front --- from Blogger, might as well get prepared because it's going to get dirty. Real dirty. Not here ... but, there.

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