Friday, March 20, 2009

Official BGBF Update

A couple people have asked me if there were any new issues. There were. Shamefully, they hadn't been uploaded or anything. So, I've finally updated my official Black Gay Boy Fantasy website. All twenty three issues have been uploaded. So, if you want the whole story so far, you can catch up. There's no telling how long I'm going to keep them all up either. Read them while you can.
When uploading the newest issues, I didn't realize how long it had taken me to get things done. It's like a only couple issues a year! It's still a lot of work when you factor in a crappy day job, family, friends, drama and the ever-loving TV. And, here I was thinking all this time that I was getting something done. At least, issue #25 probably won't be too far behind this update. A lot of work got done on it this week.

Issue #20 - "New Best Friend." Just as things start heating up between Neil and Dustin, along comes Rayshaun. Is he friend or foe? Queen or confidant? Bitchy or just plain messy? Or all of the above? I'll let you decide. I've already made up my mind. Or have I?
Issue #21 - "Eric." What has been building since Eric Drummond's introduction in issue #4 has finally boiled to a head. See how Zelda handles Neil's relationship with Eric. Roll up your sleeves, pull out the Vaseline and start lining your hair with razor blades. It's a knock down drag out.
Issue #22 - "How They Met." Has a new page turned in the love life of Neil Jordan? Some folks move on. Some folks arrive. Some folks get some things explained. Some folks? Well, some folks never change.
Issue #23 - "Revolutionary Actions." Meet Jesus Nolasco and discover what kind of person he really is and how cool his friends really are. Plus, Derrick and Rodney (The Obligatory Long Term Couple) welcome an addition to their family.


J. Clarence said...

Ever-loving TV is a very major distraction, so it absolutely understandable. Still, I'm really glad to see the updates and I'll get to read them right away and wait for more.

Keep up the awesome work.

Victor Hodge said...

Thanks for taking the time to read them. I will be more diligent about getting new work posted. Especially now that I've resolved some technical stuff.