Monday, March 9, 2009

Barbie Turns 50

Everybody knows who she is. Barbara Millicent Roberts --- or simply known as Barbie. She started out as the teenage fashion model who taught little girls how to dress. Over the years, it was all pink this and pink that. Then suddenly, "the bitch had everything." Multiple careers. Beach homes and dream house. Cars, campers and Corvettes. Every piece of fashionable wardrobe known to woman. An accessory called Ken and even a "black friend" named Christie. You can say what you want to about her, but after 50 years, she's still looking good. Barbie was created in 1959 from Bild Lilli, the German fashion doll based upon a slightly racy comic strip. "Creator," Ruth Handler took the idea during a trip to Europe, brought three dolls back to Mattel, re-designed her, named it after her own daughter and the rest is history. Well, the old girl is 50 today and she's never looked better. Personally? I have nothing bad to say. Happy Birthday, Babs! Oh, and good luck in that battle against The Bratz.


coffee maker said...

After 50 years Barbie is still in great shape; how does she do it?

Victor Hodge said...

Lots and lots of plastic and cheap labor. Foreal? I don't know ... something tells me Barbie lives a life of complete luxury. Plus, when your boyfriend understands that he's an accessory and easily replaced with a dream home, he's only going to bring you so much drama.