Friday, September 26, 2008

Tony Randolph Hunter

I didn't know him. I've probably seen him out. I don't know. But, I found out not even a week ago. Tony Randolph Hunter died on September 17, 2008. He and a friend were attacked by four black youths, like jackals, outside of BeBar, a bar in Washington, D.C., ten days before. Luckily, thankfully, gratefully, his friend escaped. But, Tony was knocked unconscious and died ten days after the attack. I've probably seen him out. I don't know. He could have been ANY of my dear, dear friends. He looks familiar. I just don't know. Still, he was my brotha. My heart breaks for him. It weeps and it also dies for him. And especially, for his family and his friends. I just don't understand why our people do this to one another. I don't get it. May there be justice. May his friends and family find peace. May he rest in peace.

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John K said...

This is so sad and tragic. Whenever people start talking about post-gay anything or say we're "beyond" prejudice and hate, they need to think about tragedies like this one. Thanks for posting about him.