Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spotlight: Colorlines Magazine

A couple months ago, I did an interview for Colorlines Magazine. Somehow or another, my name had gotten out there. My work had been seen. And, they wanted to do an interview. Of course, I was nervous. Since it was a phone interview, I'm sure my interviewer, Julianne Hing didn't hear the slurp of Apple Martini between questions. Or maybe she did and was just being professional about it. I had no idea what she'd put together based upon what I said. I didn't even know if anything I said was significant or interesting. But, she put together quite a great little "Spotlight: Victor E. Hodge - One Black Gay Boy's Fantasy."

And to top it off --- she actually sent out a photographer, Washington, DC's own: Kristian Whipple. A great guy, he came up with an incredibly gorgeous picture of me. He actually made me look like an artist. So, check it out. It's a great "national news magazine on race and politics." The September - October issue: Philanthropy's Race Problem, Artist Victor E. Hodge, Racial Paranoia, The Accidental American, Who Gets to College? and Barabara Smith. You can get it off the stands. You can, subscribe. You check out the archive for past issues.

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