Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Speaking of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is back --- this time in animation form. DC Comics and Warner Brothers made a movie out of "Superman: Doomsday" which was an adaptation of "The Death of Superman." To me, it was really a Lois Lane story. Since I love Lois Lane: I loved it. Then, they did "The New Frontier," an origin of the DC superheroes during the McCarthy period where all of the superheroes either had to unmask or stop being superheroes. There is also supposed to be a movie for the New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. Those of us who are fans of George Perez and the New Teen Titans know about Terra, the Terminator and the New Teen Titans. Then, DC and Warner did an Anime "The Dark Knight" movie which is about Batman, that came out a couple days ago. More exciting on The Dark Knight is a promo of the upcoming Wonder Woman animated movie. (I hear, it's not much of a promo.) But, I'm excited. I've been waiting for this. Wonder Woman, back in 1987, was finally done properly. Enter: George Perez, one of the greatest comic artist and storytellers, in my opinion, ever. He re-vamped the Wonder Woman mythos. If you haven't seen it, check it out. It's one of the best stories ever told in six comic issues. Wonder Woman, Diana, the daughter of Hippolyte (Queen of the amazons: rebirthed from the souls of women murdered by men), Princess of Themyscira, official Ambassador of Peace, finally had an origin that completely made sense and the greatest ensemble cast of all time: Julia and Vanessa Kapatelis. (Screw you, DC for letting them be re-written, molested, disrespected, disappear, etc.) Now, there's an animated movie -- based upon, most likely "adapted" (meaning: nothing like) from the George Perez re-imaginings. It may not be what we expect ... but, she's here. Personally and on record: I'm excited.

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