Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Issue No. 19 - Audition

Issue No. #19 of Black Gay Boy Fantasy - "Audition." Neil meets his new boyfriend, Dustin's friends at a party. But, his nerves get the better of him and drama --- not to mention alcohol --- ensues. Below are a couple of spoilers!!! If you want to read it first ... go here!!!
I have to talk about newcomer, Rayshaun for a moment. He was completely unintentional. He was one of those characters who, upon first appearance, just burst through a door, literally, and made himself known. When writers talk about characters writing themselves, Rayshaun was definitely one of mine. Neil had to go to the party through a very impromptu invitation from Dustin. But, Rayshaun was there and pretty much made himself known. He has a past with these people. He definitely knows them. And, much to Neil's surprise, he becomes a very much needed ally.
Rayshaun may very well become my complicated troublemaker. We all have one. Some of us, unfortunately, have more than one.
And, in true fashion ... bitchy queens often have bitchy queen friends. More about them in later issues.

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