Monday, March 3, 2008

Paige Braddock

I must have briefly met Paige Braddock, writer, artist and creator of Jane's World, maybe three or four years ago at the San Diego ComicCon. She was on one of the gay comics panel. Whatever she said inspired me to track down her booth. And she was there! I think I bought a couple of compilations. It wasn't until I was on the plane headed back to Washington, D.C., books in hand --- already read --- did I realize --- I was in love with Paige Braddock, her heroine, Jane and her crazy ass friends. Okay --- Jane's crazy, too. (Below: Chelle, Jill, Skye and Jane.)

Jane's World started as a daily syndicated strip, then Paige turned Jane's adventures into graphic novels. I reallllly love this graphic novel format. The drama just flows freely. The best and hottest thing in the graphic novels is the romance between Chelle and Jill. They're undercover agents for a group called "Women on the Verge." They have a steamy and somewhat tumultuous past. (Aren't they the best ones?) Completely worth the price of admission.
For the record: My favorite scene will probably always be Chelle's response to finding out that her mother's husband, Ted (a butch living as a man) beat up her girlfriend, Jill and blacked her eye. I even wrote Paige because I couldn't wait for Ted to get his. "An eye for an eye, baby." Best line EVER!
The WonderCon comics conference just happened a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco. Somebody I know went, met Paige and coerced her into holding up a sign. I was floored!!!
(Hi, Paige!!! You ROCK!!!)

But, it gets better. Not only did she hold up the sign --- not only did she SIGN it ---- but she drew Jane!!!! SCREAM!!!! (And falling out on the floor again.)
So, after reading graphic novel #7, I realized --- it seemed pretty evident that Paige had tied up several story lines. The book finished with: "The end for now." Was she taking a break? Was it over? I was almost in a panic until I found out about: VOLUME 8!!!! Back in business!!! And according to my WonderCon source, there's a lot of shocking and also hilarious stuff getting ready to happen. Paige had tons of spoilers!!!
And not only that, she's doing a book called "The Martian Confederacy" with Jason McNamara. I'm already on board.

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