Saturday, March 8, 2008

Issue #22 - How They Met

BGBF issue #22 - "How They Met." (Yes, it's in homage to Juicy Mother 2.) I went through a variety of titles like: "People Are Talking" (which they were --- but was also too Bonnie Raitt) and "How I Met My Next Boyfriend." I didn't realize until this morning while selecting clips that this issue is really about the reaction of different people to Neil and Dustin breaking up. I'm still getting used to seeing my covers in color.

Jesus Nolasco meets Neil Jordan for the "first time" even though he already knows all of his business. Queens. I'm experimenting with this new background gray.
Then, there's Uncle Dustin. My nephews and niece are very much a part of my life. Once introducing Dustin's waaaaay back in issue #13, I realized that they were very much a part of his. Here's Dustin with his new niece, Jayden (named after my very own new great niece!)
Messy roommates. It really just goes without saying.

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