Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Collected Black Gay Boy Fantasy Issue# 1 - Digital Release

Well, it's finally here.  After working for so long and --- uh --- sometimes diligently, the official DIGITAL release of the first issue of "The Collected Black Gay Boy Fantasy" number one is here.  This covers the first three issues and includes new art work.  Some of it is even in color.  It has all been colored in shades of gray.  It's hard to believe that I put out my very first 'zine in 1998 and kind of did my lastest (last?) issue in 2011.  But, it's finally here.  It went from 8 pages to 16 pages to 20 pages, then a whopping 58 pages and finally --- DIGITAL!!!  Next?  PRINT!!! It's going to be available directly through Northwest Press (which has some preview pages), Amazon, Comixology and Gumroad. 

I hope you buy it.  I hope you tell your friends.  But, most of all --- I hope you all enjoy it.

Available August 26, 2015
 Potential Cover to Issue #3

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