Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Howard Cruse!!!

Howard Cruse, the Godfather of Queer Commix celebrated his 70th birthday!!!  The moniker of "Godfather of Queer Comics" comes from our very own, Jen Camper, creator and illustrator of SubGurlz and editor of Juicy Mother ---  Queer Lady Cartoonist Extraordinaire!?!  Huh? Huh?!?  No good?  (I'll come up with something better later.) --- had the brilliant idea to get other queer cartoonists together and draw a little somethin' somethin' for Howard.  She wanted to celebrate the creator of Wendel and Stuck Rubber Baby.  Well, I hopped on a train.  Then, we got into her brave little buggy and went up North to surprise Howard with unannounced arrivals and no place to stay.  But, we came baring the gift of a lifetime.  Cartoonists everywhere jumped on the chance to celebrate Howard by creating an 8 1/2x11 drawing.  Then, the celebration began!  It was a great adventure for Jen and I and an even bigger one for the small town they lived.  I don't think they were ready for DC and Brooklyn!!!  Well, maybe they were.  But, I like to dream.  If my boys, Neil and Jesus' didn't say it --- I'm saying it:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOWARD!!!!

Hi, Howard!!!
Jen, me and Howard
(Hello, Pimms!  Nice meeting you!)
Me, Eddie and Howard
 Howard, Eddie and many birthday wishers
 Howard, me and Jen
 Hello, Dahhhhhhling!
 Laura and Gregory -- local artists
Me and Laura
Mystery dessert!!!!  Quick!!! Take a picture!!!!
 More new friends --- Martaine and Juliana
Strolling and accidentally discovering ---
WTF?!?  The Vermont state line!!!!
Howard and Jen
Jen, Juliana and me
 Juliana, you're adorable!!!!
 And, last, but not least --- Molly the Rescue Dog!!!!
From the studio of Howard Cruse.  Actual, "Stuck Rubber Baby" pages!!!  It took this man FIVE DAYS to do ONE PAGE!!!  The detail is amazing.  His work is astounding!!!

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