Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jem: The Movie

Looks like it's actually going to happen!!!  Jem: The Movie
Stefanie Scott as Kimber
Aurora Perrineu as Shana
I'm sure they will look completely different in make-up.  Hopefully, they'll keep up with the 80s glamor, fashion and fame!!!  I know that the 80s fashions in general were awful, but Jem and the Holograms should still represent!  They're the first and only cartoon characters I knew to change their clothes.


Greg said...

My feelings are so mixed on this.I love Jem but can this work 30 years after the original source?Jem was the 80s can it still pull off the kitschy fun in a new era?Half of me is like they should of done a movie back in the 80s.I just want the movie to be good. lol

Anonymous said...

Is no one going to address the Shana issue?

Victor Hodge said...

Sigh. It's true. She's not dark enough. I wrote a massive prolific diatribe about it just now, but f@cking blogger just lost it. I even mentioned Obama and Perry White. Oh, well. Guess I gotta "kiss" -- Keep It Simple, Stupid. This actress, who is obviously the biracial daughter of Haold Parrineau (of "Lost" and "Oz") might very well be talented. Personally, I'd rather see a darker skinned Shana. It was the point of Jem and the Holograms being a multi-racial cast. Maybe she'll look really ethnic.