Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sports Illustrated Barbie

Sports Illustrated celebrated it's 50th Anniversary swimsuit issue.  Of course, as a GAY MAN, I have absolutely no interest in scantily clad dames in swimsuits.  From a fashion perspective, it could be slightly interesting.  However, my interest was actually piqued when Sports Illustrated decided to include my favorite (Gal That has Everything) --- Barbie Doll!!!!  She's part of the "Unapologetic Campaign."  I guess, like Keira Knightly, she's tired of justifying her naturally thin frame and taking the blame for anorexic girls everywhere.
Now, if you want to talk about a cheap $19.99 "Target Exclusive" that sold out quickly, went onto back order, then became "unavailable" online, then remained still "unavailable" for $29.99 --- bickering about an uneven seam line sewn on bathing suit and glue seeping out of ears and necklines of a cheaply made doll in the "Model Muse" pose --- (little articulation --- for display purposes only) --- THEN and only THEN --- do we have something to really talk about!!!!  Deep breath.  Whew!  Essentially: I missed out.  And, after two weeks of obsessing over something I didn't really need, I'm over it.  Or at least still trying to convince myself so.
That's right, Barbie!  You're too fashionable, fabulous and successful to keep putting up with this crap!  Well, folks wanted to make a big deal about it, but on the cover are THREE bare booties all posed together.  And, folks want to make a big deal out of Barbie?!?  Shhhh.  She's a D-O-L-L, people!!!  If I had to choose between three female bare booties or Barbie's unapolegetic derrière, then make mine plastic and fantastic!!!!

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