Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The New 52: Earth 2 – Lois Lane Lives!!!

Like with any change, I hesitantly embraced DC Comics New 52.  I applaud DC for venturing into new and different territory.  And, although I'm not interested in  all of their changes like the Teen Titans (Ugh!), some surprises were very pleasant.  Like Aquaman, all of the Justice League books (Dark and 'Of America') and the return of Earth 3's Crime Syndicate. (Yay!)  The heroes changed. So what?  Superman got younger.  Batman got more tolerable, raising a boy band of Robins.  Wonder Woman became Percy Jackson.  My heroes?  No.  Just new versions of them.  My brother softened the blow by likening the New 52 to comics going from Silver Age to a Golden Age.  I had to look at it as the same.  Golden Age to New 52.  The greatest casualty for me?

The relationship of Lois Lane and Superman.
Especially since he's dating Wonder Woman.  Yes.  Wonder Woman.  Fanboys must have ejaculated simultaneously everywhere! The plus?  Wonder Woman gets another book out of it.  So, that's cool.  (Aptly titled:  Superman/Wonder Woman.)  I know it's temporary.  But, I’m not here to talk about that.  I’m talking about one very interesting surprise:  The comic book:  Earth 2.  It’s an alternate reality where the war with Darkseid and Apokolips has claimed Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman as its first casualties and a new evolution of “Wonders” have begun appearing.  No Justice Society of America from the World War.  No Huntress, daughter of Catwoman and Batman.  (Yes, but no.)  A new era of heroes "reborn" with a great deal of cultural diversity.

But, you get what they give you.  Get onboard or get off.  I got onboard.

 Then, there was Lois Lane.


Yes, I'm talking about her again.  She turned 75 this year and she was commemorated with her own bookI’m sick of Lois getting killed off in order to set Superman off.  (I’m looking at YOU, Ms. Superman Injustice:  Gods Among Us! and Kingdom Come.)  Earth 2 was no better in killing off my favorite non-powered heroine, but it completely redeemed itself with …
--the consciousness of Lois Lane being reborn in the form of a female robot version of Red Tornado.  Personally, I’m fine with it.  It’s Earth 2.  It doesn’t affect comics continuum anyway.  A Gay Green Lantern.  A Black Hawkgirl.  A young Jay Garrick, Flash.  An Egyptian Dr. Fate.  A black Aquawoman.  A Jimmy Olsen so genius, he had to be locked away.  A gun-toting vengeful Batman who quickly killed the imprisoned Joker rather than release him.  (Whoever is beneath that cowl will be revealed in Earth 2 Annual #2.  Soon!)  A murderous re-born Superman as a Darkseid zealot.  And, newly revealed --- a black Kryptonian!!!

More importantly?  Lois Lane lives.
 And, I'm ready for it!!!

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Jubell said...

You're such a comic book nerd! lol

I learn so much from your posts sometimes because you really keep up. I've also kept away from DC because with this new 52 they've had a habit of...ugh. Ruining themselves.

Like, I also really enjoyed Justice League Dark. In the beginning it was a good book and I was totally into it and then suddenly...the writing took a nose dive after the first arc and things stopped making sense. Like the book no longer had any idea what it wanted to be anymore. after a point I just set it down and walked away -_-

I haven't read anything else, really, from the New 52 besides that. At least not that I can recall. I've been reading DC's "Masters of the Universe" line of books and...not liking it all that much.

But I may check out Earth 2. I'd been seeing it on Comixology and wanted to read it for quite some time but I feared it may be full of the New DC's anti-everything vein (DC seems to keep hiring men with the maturity of children to write some of their books). But this one sounds like it may be different...So I'll check it out.