Saturday, March 16, 2013

Veronica Mars: The Movie!!!

That's right! "The Bitch is back!"  (Okay. She's not a "bitch."  But, if you know the series, then you'll know why I said it.)  Veronica Mars, played beautifully by none other than Kristen Bell (I love you!!!) will return --- this time on the BIG screen.  Veronica Mars only ran for three seasons (2004 - 2007), but apparently, there has always been a cult following.  Rob Thomas, creator and writer of Veronica Mars, launched a Kickstarter project, with our very own Ms. Bell and most of the cast ---- if not all --- on board, with a goal of raising $2 million to do a Veronica Mars movie!  The response has been so overwhelming that a big time studio has agreed to provide the rest of the money needed if they reached their goal.  And, they have MORE than exceeded that --- with currently (as I look it now) $3,535,073 with a mere 27 days to go!!!  Apparently, I wasn't the only one in love with this show.
I have been obsessed with Nancy Drew since I was eight years.  When I came across Veronica, in my humble opinion, she was the updated version of her.  Minus the date rape and the murder of her best friend, which inspires our beloved Veronica to become an amateur detective.  (Not really a "SPOILER" since this show is several years old, is revealed in the first episode and you all should have seen every episode by now, which is indeed, on DVD. And, if you haven't --- shame on you!!!)  Veronica, like Nancy, was being raised by her single parent father, Private Investigator (ex-sheriff), Keith Mars (played by Enrico Colantoni).  Trust me, you will fall in LOVE with this man.  He's the best father ever!!!  Veronica is part of a very snobby community, but because her father was the town sheriff (fallen from grace), she became an outcast with certain skills and a moral compass that made her want to help people!!!  And, said/mentioned date rape and unsolved murder of her best friend, Lily --- Veronica becomes THE most incredible heroine amateur detective of all time!!!
Well, as I said ... I LOVED Veronica Mars.  And, since its cancellation, I have thoroughly enjoyed Kristen Bell.  (Remember her from "You Again," "Heroes," and "House of Lies?")  She will always have a special place in my heart.  I am SO excited about Veronica getting her day with an actual movie.  And, thanks to Rob for a glimpse, within the gem extras on season three, of a potential future for Veronica Mars in season three with the FBI --- thank you, thank you, thank you --- for never forgetting about my favorite girl.


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